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  1. All right. I won't miss rdio.com considering one needs to open a 7 days free trial account to try it anyway, which leaves GrooveShark as far as i'm concerned.

    I've stopped trying to use Pandora months ago because the TOR contraption required to access it outside USA keeps breaking off, i'll watch from time to time to

    see what happens with Jango, hoping their music tags are done better than at GrooveShark... I can still rip from ShoutCast and IceCast using 'StreamTastic'

    under Linux but i got a secondary PC where i can test 'Saver2' to follow its progression toward maturity. Keep it up, merry Christmass!

  2. Dear Pegasus,

    Dear MaxRabbit,

    I'm not going to join any biased ass-kissers club,

    not even the best sample of revisionism will make

    me want to change a word of what i wrote here so

    i strongly suggest you two clowns just leave it to

    the readers to decide who bullies who.

    That's all the feedback you're worth from where i

    stand and, NO, your god icon doesn't read every

    part! Yeah, that's true, but i'm not going to make

    it easy for you: read again, exercise does good...

  3. Congrataulations, i found at least 2 lies reading only a few lines from you

    and now i understand why you'd like to host the forum yourself! Oh yeah,

    i sure do!...

    Well, 1) Nothing of what i've described happened before i gave 'Saver2' a

    try but you won't accept reality... 2) You brag around pretending you've

    provided help while in fact that's a plain while lie! In additionally, it's clear

    you didn't care to read your own answer starting from the top or you'd be

    forced to admit you're acting like a moron and then you'd have no other

    option but to appologize - which someone like you will never do... I don't

    care how smart you think you are, this is no contest and even if it were

    a normal discussion still requires politeness to go on. Try to learn how to

    behave in plublic and then we can talk!!! Oh, and... NO, you're lying again:

    with a LiveCD one just needs to reboot when something has gone wrong!...

    Anyway, it seems like this picture you chose yourself fits you acurately:


    Go on! Continue to brag around and show what it means to "dialog" in

    your cozy obtuse world!... Enjoy your popularity while it lasts.

  4. Instead of going balistic with the hostility of an agressive, euh... Bird, euh...

    You could have waited for the next step in that screwed-up discussion of

    yours and i just might have told you about TOR list related warnings... But

    you prefer to fight, all of that because two years ago i've insisted that you'd

    be better to work with Linux LiveCDs in order to avoid the sort of problems

    which i encountered last week!

    As for my line breaks, it's meant to detect pricks who will act like you do.

  5. ...and yet that capture pointed at a TOR issue which the last release fixed.

    In other words, your 'Saver2' package WAS causing the problem, actually:

    that capture shown 'SProxy' being unable to talk to the TOR proxy, which

    also happens to be a TCP/IP application, unless i'm wrong. It's no wonder

    your later fix was the required cure, maybe a proper thing to do would have

    been to let go that two years anger which makes you hostile and counter-

    productive. Simply pay closer attention to what people tell you instead of

    playing like a peacock. Next time keep you insults for yourself and think!


  6. Indeed, i'm sure it describes how you feel very accurately but

    i would have been somewhat more forgiving!... For example:


    Well, congratulations for finding the correct remedy after being

    shown the proper capture (by me). The pleasure was all mine,

    i contributed in the only way possible so don't even mention it...

  7. Well i guess you just have some twisted way to deal with people who try to contribute!

    Lies, this is all getting distorted in your inflating head: you will keep building fantasies

    on unverified assumptions while you flatter yourself about the longevity of this thread.

    Why did i waste time posting a capture?!!! Everyone knows that nobody is more blind

    than one who doesn't wish to see. Anyway, you overlooked the potential for significant

    incidents and it's not my problem. Have it your way but don't ask me to fill the gaps!...

  8. Too bad but i must insist when i witness such degree of DENIAL!!! The clever thing

    to do when dealing with a 1st-time user as myself would be to seek more feedback,

    instead of that i can't but notice you're still stuck in the very same hostile attitude

    which dates back to a confrontation taking place years ago... Please rest assured

    my evaluation of 'Saver2Setup.exe' (the exact file-name) wasn't done on any critical

    system and hence i suffered no real damage since i was *prepared* to wipe out the

    hard-disk in case of such a failure, to begin with!... I believe it's wrong to state that

    this software has nothing to do with the incident, nonetheless! I was doing nothing

    else than to evaluate it, actually, and it did work initially but then the next day your

    whole contraption simply died. That's how i put it and i'm quite convinced that other

    victims wouldn't try to be as accomodating as i've been so far.


    But... You've evidently elected to deny the reality of my observations so there's little

    to add under such circumstances. Call me a "troll" if that makes you feel good at all,

    i, personally, am of the opinion that this is irresponsible of you and that it only shows

    a lack of respect for others. Please, don't thank me for caring to use some of my own

    spare time to help you with your project. Don't even mention it!... My advice comes at

    no cost at all.

  9. I'm sorry i have to disagree, this has everything to do with 'Saver2' since the

    loss of connectivity occured right when i attempted to use it again. I can see

    my input isn't wanted but that's how things are: no 'Saver2', browsing works;

    'Saver2' installed, bye bye browsing and 'Saver2' with it! Make your remarks

    as savvy as you like, i just got no other version of reality to share... Call me a

    liar if you wish, it's most regrettable you're unwilling to investigate the incident

    any further so that you'd learn from your error(s) but the loss isn't mine and i

    understand entirely how threatened and irritated you must feel. My sincere

    appologies for the inconvenience but, please, you still need to advise future/

    potential users that's NOT 100 % risk-free: in case of trouble one may have

    to re-install their Windows system since i notice you have no remedy to offer.

  10. Evaluation of 'Saver2' was easy the 1st time, i could act like a typical "brain-

    dead" Windows mouse-clicker and still get a positive result. Once broken, it

    was no longer true though: removing/re-installing the application trying various

    options didn't suffice and now the damage seems to be permanent. I'm unable

    to point my finger at 'Saver2' specifically, all i'm saying is that "shit happens"

    and that it might happen again... It sure did in my case. I may be the only one

    or perhaps the others just don't care to give any feed-back. Speaking of which,

    do you require more input? A capture, some log-file? I'll try to provide it if i'm

    told what it is that you wish to see.

    By the way, my Win XP PC is set to support a language other than English

    but i'd be surprized if that has anything to do with the problem(s) observed.

  11. Hummm...

    Well, it seems that "man in the middle" converses in TCP/IP language

    but i could be wrong... Anyway, lets forget about semantics: the point

    was that evaluation of 'Saver2' might have adverse effects and hence i

    suggest it's done in a virtual environment or even using a LiveCD. I was

    not lucky trying the later solution so that leaves emulation tools such

    as 'VirtualBox', IMO. According to this capture, 'SProxy' encountered

    some problem while trying to communicate with 'TORTunnel', i believe:


    I found traces of 'TORTunnel' in the FireWall Exceptions, which i happened

    to reach through the twin PC icon located at the lower-right corner... There

    were two, actually: one for 'Saver2', the other for 'Pandora'. I guess 'SProxy'

    should be able to connect via 'TORTunnel', don't ask me why it won't. What

    i know it that i stripped the Windows box down to the bones by removing

    everything i could, like MicroSoft's .NET FrameWork to begin with, then the

    plugins like 'Flash Player', 'JAVA'... Even the Anti-Virus went through the

    trap. While executing your 'Saver2' setup application a script re-downloaded

    and re-installed .NET FrameWork support, it was a very slow process but it

    appeared to have succeeded, nonetheless. The fact remains, i can no longer

    browse the web on that machine and being a TCP/IP issue or not i'm still not

    able to pin-point the cause because this situation is permanent even after i

    reboot, without even having 'Saver2' and its suite loaded!...

    In short, my recommendation is that the prefered way to try 'Saver2' should

    exclude the user's main Windows environment - at least until this is solved.

  12. Well, maybe "TCP/IP" isn't an accurate expression but that's what i

    associate the connectivity "adapter" with (you know, the double PC

    icon)... I do remember seeing 'Saver2' related, euh... "bindings",

    if i'm not mistaking, which accumulated in the properties window

    after a couple re-install/de-install cycles. I managed to get it fixed

    once but i forgot what/where/how. Sorry for being so vague! My

    favourite option would be to proceed with a fresh install from a W32

    LiveCD instead of using some 'Mono' contraption on top of Linux...

    I'll comment further when the time allows.

  13. Years later after i've insisted that there should be a LiveCD solution

    i finally gave 'Saver2' a try. My advice to the non-USA citizens is to

    install it in a virtual system such as VirtualBox, whatever, because

    the double proxy TCP/IP setup eventually breaks down and then it

    will be difficult to restore normal functionality. I tried uninstalling it

    and then reinstalling, of course. I also attempted to find a clue in

    the TCP/IP stack properties... Truth is it's fun to install 'Saver2' on

    a virgin Windows system but much less fun to fix it if gone wrong.

    'Saver2' is still a nice piece of work, i just wish it wasn't so fragile.

  14. Yes, it sure might be nice to "Time-Shift" Pandora under Linux but

    there are some people like me who simply gave up all hopes after

    considering the contraption of layers it would require!

    If one has a solution compatible with 'StreamRipper' then now that's

    something i'm eager to experiment with, rather than what has been

    mentioned previously... ...but i don't sense it coming and i'm far

    from being a Linux guru, so... Well, it's OKay to have dreams.


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