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  1. Hello, Thanks for responding. Here is the link to the log. It looks like there's some stream error and the song stops transferring. http://zzj.itf-inc.com/u/dd6da6a0720 Also, I took a screenshot of the player when it messes up, and it appears that the song just stops transferring, but the file on the hard drive has the correct song length, but only has the actual song for what's been downloaded. I'm using the latest Saver2, and wine 1.3.17. Mac OS X 1.6.6 I'm also using dotnet2.0 from winetricks. NOT mono, and ie6 from winetricks. I also have gecko installed in the WINE prefix.
  2. I wasn't sure whether you noticed my thread asking for assistance, but if you haven't can you take a look? It's about WINE and Saver2. http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=19710 Thanks =]
  3. Hello, I'm running Pandora Saver 2 under WINE, following the instructions here: http://zzj.itf-inc.com/s2/docs/wineinst.html Following the Mac instructions and using the latest version of WINE (at this time being 1.3.15) and yes, I did check "use WINE mode" in the installer. It loads up, configures, and connects to Pandora just fine, and tells me it's running in WINE hacks mode. It will play the music okay, but every couple songs or so, the music will just cut out mid-song. It appears to continue playing, just no audio. Checking the saved MP3 file, it seems it's affected as it will play
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