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  1. Hi there, I was hoping that someone could give me a little direction on a school assignment I'm working on. Now before anyone jumps on me, I'm not looking to be handed the answers, I just have no idea where to even start with this and would like a nudge towards the right path. So this assignment (for an intro to computer security class) is to figure out 4 keywords, or passwords that are hidden in a 32bit windows console executable. We are told to launch the program with out last name as an argument, and then find the passwords. The program prompts you for the passwords when you select particular item from a text-based menu. We were also told that nothing we have learned in the class so far will help us do this assignment, and that we have to figure out how to do it by looking online. I've spent time poking around the menus in the program hoping to find some clues, but had no luck. I've also tried a couple of decompilers but they both crashed when I tried to look at this particular exe. And now I'm stuck. If anyone could even just suggest an area I might want to look into I would really appreciate it.
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