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  1. Hey, now the last.fm hookup stopped working there's a huge, klugey error message that shows up as well unable to retrieve bio from last.fm: Script '(function(){ function m(b){return b!=null?'"'+b+'"':'""'}function B(b){if(typeof encodeURIComponent=="function"){return encodeURIComponent(b)}else{return escape(b)}}function c(b,a){if(a){window.google_ad_url+="&"+b+"="+a}}function f(b,a){if(a){c(b,B(a))}}function l(b,a,d){if(a&&typeof a=="object"){a=a[d%a.length]}c("color_"+b,a)}function D(b,a){var d=b.screen,g=navigator.javaEnabled(),e=-a.getTimezoneOffset();if(d){c("u_h",d.height);
  2. I have an idea... not to be presumptuous, but maybe someone could sticky this topic as like, the official troubleshooting thread?
  3. maybe you could finish up Spore during your lunchbreak? I know you've got a busy schedule, but the screenies look fuckin' awesome
  4. sounds like an aspiring programmer could also modify flash 9... I'm not that person, but is there someone working on it?
  5. pfft don't yawn at me I figured it out actually, like just before you replied. Tho now this also leads me to ask why it won't work with flash nine
  6. this is dumb, but I don't know how to check the version, uninstall it, and install version eight.
  7. I'm using pandora jar 7.4.0: My settings are last.fm off, iTunes off, CDDB on, Cruise off Pandora runs and plays fine - but it won't save mp3s. The message that it gives me is specifically, "localhost connected to server. localhost connected to server. unable to rip MP3 unable to find file make sure you have Pandora running in a FIRFOX browser" and it is DEFINITELY running in a firefox browser. lastly, the dialogue in command line keeps nattering about FlashGot... which is strange and probably unrelated, but hopefully helpful to tell about just in case.
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