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  1. Thanks, Cooper. Unfortunately, I'm still having trouble. First, (please excuse my raw, pure, unfiltered noobishness) I'm not familiar with that command line and my terminal window just returned a whole bunch of file paths with ":Permission denied" appended. Do I need to log in a certain way to gain admin access? Maybe as root user? I tried the "locate" and "mdfind" comands for plugtmp* and found no results. I found other files I was expecting to find, but neither the TemporaryItems nor plugtmp names. Lastly, there isn't a version of Flash 8 for Intel-based macs, but of the 5 macs I have, only one has 10.4.X which appears to be the min. sysreqs for J2SE 1.5.X. And that one is the only intel-based mac. So I may need to find a way to get 10.4 on a PPC machine to get both Flash 8 and 1.5.X at the same time. (If this is even part of the problem)
  2. Thanks for the detailed replies! I really appreciate it. I'm running Flash player 9, which is the default installation packaged with 10.4.8. I'm not sure if that's the reason or not, but I don't have a TemporaryItems directory in the Cache folder (nor anywhere else on the machine). Also no files with plugtmp in the name. In the other thread, somebody mentions needing to downgrade to Flash 8. V9 doesn't cache but streams instead? Any idea if this could be the problem?
  3. Hi all, Sorry for posting a new topic for this. (It didn't seem appropriate on the main disc. thread...and I did read all 73 pages!) I'm trying my very best, but I've been unable to figure out darn near anything about what Pandora's doing on OSX. Most of what I've read I'm either too dim to get anything from or it is no longer correct. Mostly the former. :P The only way I've found to successfully rip a song is by accessing the URLs in the Activity monitor of Safari (URLs that, I think, are targets of the HTTP GET requests..?) However, I thought that the files were cashed in a /tmp folder locally somewhere, but I can't seem to find any folder anywhere on my machine that's storing the cached files. I've also heard that they're named WebKitPlugInStream or that they're names are composed of a long string of digits. I've tried showing invisible files and searching using the strings of digits referenced int he GET request URLs, but that doesn't seem to work. According to several posters (and the Noobs guide), the script pandora.sh should be executible...but I can't even get that to work. I'm running JRE 1.4.2 I think. I thought that I might need 1.5.X, but I can't seem to find a download of it that doesn't require 10.4 (I'm running 10.3.9 still). Has anybody written a, uh.."For Noobs so Nubbish they can't even yet be described as a 'Noob'" guide to getting any method working in OSX? Even just the cache folder location would be great. Any help is truly appreciated.
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