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  1. Yeah i've already tried that (at first i thought it was dead but after finding the right drivers it works and connects fine). i should have thought about trying a different usb cable, but the only difference is that when i click commit after saving the settings the wlan1 is disabled and doesnt bring itself back up. enabling it and clicking DHCP request still does nothing.

    I appreciate your help and patience none the less

  2. thanks for the tip. However the led stays on with no change when trying to connect. regardless of if it's running off of battery power or AC. I tried reflashing 2.7.0 to no avail. looks like i'll be tethering to my laptop only :(

  3. Hi, i seem to be having a bit of trouble connecting to my wifi. i'm using the pineapple with the alpha wifi from the hakshop and running it off the pineapple juice battery pack (i figure if it doesn't work on the battery pack there isn't much use in the field). using this network manager i can bring up the alpha (light comes on, it can see wifi APs around) but when i click DHCP Request it doesn't connect. the AP i'm trying to access is WPA personal with TKIP, i have the correct password and mode set to client as per the guide earlier in this thread. but it does not connect at all. connecting to the pineapple via the PoE LAN port, but that shouldn't make a difference. is there something I am missing? or could it be that there isn't enough power to run the alpha?

    either way Whistle Master, you have clearly put a lot of work into the pineapple and your effort is very well appreciated :)

  4. Everyone has probably come across GODMODE on windows 7 before.

    This loads it so you can select lots of tools simply by using the down arrow and enter.

    REM Author : Stuntz
    REM Description : Opens up GOD Mode on windows 7. Allows you to access tools with down arrow and enter:)
    DELAY 100
    STRING w
    DELAY 100
    STRING f
    DELAY 100
    STRING GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

    probably a good idea to throw a

    GUI d

    in at the start there.

    just saiyan.

    but a cool way to get to a fair few of the control panel tools. thanks for the share :)

    there are a few other folder tricks like that which can be fun to mess with. but this is by far the most useful for the duckie xD

  5. One of my favorite things to play around with on my home network is the wireless.

    When i first got my NetComm wireless router it was set to WEP as default. so after changing the SSID i wanted to know how in/secure wep really is. so i booted up backtrack 3 from my laptop. and needless to say i hacked it in just a few minutes. So i changed it to WPA with a really obscure password.

    but recently I got wind that WPA is just as easy to crack as WEP now. So I upgraded it to WPA2 PSK. as far as i know so far is that you can force the wireless to tell you the password. however WPA2 still needs to be brute forced.

    I haven't read up on it too much because I have Backtrack 4 R2 set up as dual boot on my desktop with ATI stream set up (CUDA for Nvidia users) which i can use with pyrit to test something like 4 thousand passwords a second from a dictionary.

    So my suggestion is that you do a segment on the new WPA hack and then a little show off on pyrit with cuda or ATI stream to put your GPU to good use.

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