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  1. It's an access point, do the labels say any thing useful?
  2. The first thing you need to do is get the voltage right, 18V is a bit odd, but not a problem, get a 12V battery and a 6V battery and connect them in series = 18V. As for how long it will last it depends upon how big the batteries you get are. Battery capacity is measured in amp hours. A battery rated at 1 amp hour can provide an amp of power for an hour, a 2 amp hour battery can provide an amp for 2 hours or 2 amps for 1 hour etc. When picking the 12V and 6v battery make sure they have the same capacity other wise the voltage will start to go wonky as the lower capacity battery drains before the other. Another thing to be in mind is that the type of battery you use can introduce problems. For example, lead acid batteries (the type used in cars) have an approximate voltage that goes up and down depending on their level of charge. Lithium ion batteries have a much more constant voltage that drop suddenly when they lose charge. In either case, giving the router a voltage it does not expect may result in a dead router, if you intend to experiment make sure to have a spare router available. Alternatively, get a car battery, get a inverter intended for a car, and you should be sorted. All good inverters turn off when they know they cannot provide the correct power (be sure to test this with a light or some thing that can't brake as a result of wrong voltage first, you'll know it's working because the light will turn off suddenly rather than slowly get dimmer).
  3. Unfortunately it is presently broken... thank you for pointing that out, looking into it.
  4. This, unfortunately is a feature. Prevents spammers abusing it. You can change it now ;)
  5. Wordpress and Drupal are also popular CMSs.
  6. I suspect you are referring to squarespace. There are cheaper solutions with more 'features', but the WYSIWYG editor is quite interesting.
  7. This is intentional, it presents spammers from abusing the forum. Unfortunately this does have an adverse effect on new users, but thats is only until you have a few posts approved.
  8. Block IP in firewall... change password or disable the account they where using.
  9. There is only one way to find out. Backup your profile, do the upgrade.
  10. Well... the best (and correct) way is to reinstall and start again or restore from backup... might not be appropriate in this instance given the context.
  11. You can try a decompiler or even just treating the binary as an ASCII file and looking for text, though that won't work if the passwords where obfuscated in any way. However, one method that is likely to be quite successful providing the passwords are not particularly difficult is a straight up brute force attack. Since it's a local program with (presumably) no brute force protection built in you could easy script up a multi threaded password generator or dictionary attack.
  12. I wonder how ISP's will implement IPv6. I suspect consumers will get one, then charge for additional ones even though they cost the ISP absolutely nothing (at least, by comparison to IPv4).
  13. That's fairly safe. Safe enough that any one who just want wifi will move on to the next one. Not necessarily safe enough that some one who hates you will wants to get access.
  14. LogMeIn (from what I understand) always uses encryption (what type of encryption I am not aware). Monitoring it may be difficult. The best you can probably do without much difficulty is look for a LogMeIn connection and know which computer it's going to/from.
  15. Sparda

    Sql Injection

  16. Sparda

    Sql Injection

    Damn vulnerable web app
  17. This can be done but I would not call it an easy task. Finding the first disk should be relatively easy however. Plug the drives in, open the drives in fdisk and look for a drive that has the correct partition size (and/or lable) for the RAID. So, sweat beans, we found the first disk (The partition size will be bigger than the disk size, just as an easy sanity check). Finding the second and third disk (and, there ordering) is not easy. You need to look at the data on the drives (with some thing like WinHex, but the free version of WinHex won't let you open the drives directly, you can, however, take an image of a part of the disk and open the image in WinHex) and try and spot the flow of data from one drive to the next and spot the correct ordering of the data.
  18. The content that changes is stored in a database and/or separate files. Also, tables generally aren't used for page layout any more.
  19. Either nmap is consuming all the wireless bandwidth (very possible) or the network adapter can't handle what nmap is requesting of it (equally possible).
  20. You are looking for a technical solution for a non-technical problem. I suggest telling them that they should not spend the time some one is paying the for to do what they want but instead do what they are been paid to do.
  21. Have you tried using the 'connect using different credentials' when trying to map one of the shares?
  22. Did you run winRAR as Administrator? I noticed you are trying to extract to program files, and on Vista and 7 only administrators can write to program files by default.
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