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  1. Connecting the +5V to the -5V on a USB port creates a short in the circuit of the motherboard and the power supply.
  2. I suspect the issue you are having is because some variables are been passed by reference (or pointer, depending on your language). In Java variables are often implicit passed by reference. Instead of group = reset; try: group = new int[1][2];
  3. You could post the code in your post, it would make it easier for people to help.
  4. Set email account to forward to gmail, use gmail (still allows for use with a client).
  5. Sparda

    Radar Jammer

    Do you mean the one used by police to determine the speed of a vehicle?
  6. You can always use gcc with cygwin. The only catch with doing this is that you will need to include the cygwin dll with any program you write.
  7. If the web site has a template system, you could just cron a script to change the template automatically based on the date. Even if it doesn't have a template system, you could just have it swap the images around.
  8. Who ever is hosting the server is trying to make some advertising money by redirecting every one who goes to there server using the wrong host to a search page for that host.
  9. The thing that is most scary about a short password limit: It probably means your password is been stored in plain text.
  10. Looks good. I do have a couple of suggestions though: Your main function is used recursively and never returns. This is very memory inefficient and will fill php's call stack quickly. You should change it to use a infinite look instead. The use of $GLOBALS makes me sad, especially since you are using a class and could have made the global variables a property of the class.
  11. Measuring the transmitting power of a device is difficult because it's subjective depending on the device you are using to measure it. You should probably measure it with the equipment you intend to ultimately use it with.
  12. This would require modification of Windows handling of the lock screen. The easiest way to achieve this may be to update the background image, then get windows to reload it.
  13. Vista and 7 no longer unpower the devices. <Insert windows bashing comment about it only just catching up>
  14. The Linux kernel (as well and BSD and Windows kernels) are written in C because they have to be. The alternative would be assembly. C++ won't compile to bare metal. C is still a good language to learn, but in terms of jobs, C++ developers are often more sought after.
  15. Depends on how the AP maintains the session for the paying user. It may be the case, for example, that the IP and MAC address have to be the same. Either way, having two computers with the same mac or IP results in the network not working right for either client.
  16. Then you are replaying encrypted information, you are acting as a repeater, having access to nothing.
  17. They key is used to create challenge response style authentication. The actual key is never transmitted.
  18. There are two computers with the same IP address, regardless of the delay on the error. You should let a DHCP server manage IP assignment to easily avoid this problem.
  19. Send the user an email that gets them to go to your evil web page.
  20. Would be much faster to reset the password than brute force or other wise use a round about method to regain access.
  21. The @ symbols are suppressing errors, remove them.
  22. Some aspects of such a device are possible. For the most part it is complete fiction. The device I would want most that is presently fictional? Complete mind mapping and implementation in a simulated mind (aka true AI). An opportunity to live forever perhaps. This is probably most renowned because of the game Portal, but it has many places in science fiction and could possible be a reality in the future. Should it ever transpire to be a reality and all captcha mechanisms are instantly useless. Of course this type of technology has many sociological implementations. If a simulation of a person is exactly like them in every way, how do you define some one to be alive. In fact, how do you know thy are not? Sadly, the device used in prison brake is unlikely to be a reality because it is just silly, braking all manor of theoretical and practical limitations. It is whats known as a plot device. You should watch torchwood ;)
  23. Eclipse is a really good Java IDE.
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