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  1. Use a remote port scanning tool to tell if there are any listening services you don't know about.

    Hope it's firmware doesn't have any remotely exploitable vulnerabilities that can be deployed over the internet and cannot practically be blocked.

    You have done everything one can practically do, now just hope :D

  2. This works ok, but it's really slow, slower then using filezilla or a proper FTP client for doing FTP stuff, but if you need to treat it like a normal file system this works.

    The only way to improve on this is by using a different protocol, which is always advisable as FTP is a rubbish protocol.

  3. Upload the files, use a proper version control system for the version-ing (I would recommend git). This does introduce some problems for e.g. removing super old versions could become a bit tricky.

    Regardless of these problems, I would strongly recommend looking at an existing version control system rather than making your own that's potentially not going to be as good in the long run.

  4. I suspect the issue is the same as before, except this time harder to find where it's happening.

    Basically in Java when you go a = new A(); b = a;, a and b are now the same object, so b.setVal(2). will result in a.getVal() been 2. This applies to arrays and objects. This does not apply to primitives.

  5. That did offend me a little bit, to be honest. I'm only 18, only been in the job the matter of a month so obviously I haven't got an awful lot of experience..

    Apologies for sounding stupid but christ, give me a break!


    Sounds like you've been thrown in at the deep end a bit. Apologies for been so direct about it :).

  6. Programs been listed in add/remove programs is optional, and a convince but not mandatory. You should not be expecting every thing to show up there. Numerous applications are able to deal with not been 'installed' (this concept only exists because applications consist of files that must be situated just so, but that doesn't mean they actually have to tell the operating system they exist) as an administrator, in such cases the application will put it's self in the users home directory and run from there. To the user it works perfectly, but it is only available to them (arguably not installed at all, depending on the definition you wish to use).

    As much as this is a side note and a personal one at that, it saddens me to see a system admin doesn't know this, particularly one who has the task of snooping on peoples computers. It just winds me up no end that this has eluded you. Apologies if this causes any offense, but truth be told, you aren't doing your job properly (in my opinion at least). What I would do if I was one of the people who worked at your company would clone my machine into a VM, then take over the real computer, not necessarily because I would then do things that I shouldn't, but be cause I can, to show that all the money and time spent on this is pointless and stupid.

    What I would do is review your policies definition of 'Installed' before any thing else. Then figure out if the policy has been broken.

  7. You can control your exit nod with tor, which is really the most important part of this. The use of VMs is largely unnecessary as Chrome (and other browsers) in 'private mode' will appear to be a separate computer to most web service providing it has a different public IP (assuming that matters).

  8. It's possible that new wireless card has it written in to the firmware to prevent using a fake mac address. It's impossible to say for certain, and I'm not familiar with that particular card, but it's a possibility.

    Have you tried it with another distro (e.g. Backtrack, yes I know the latest version is based off Ubuntu, but it's worth a shot)?

    have you tried it on another machine?

  9. I believe those usb cables for HDDs are for increasing the current, not the voltage. I could absolutely be wrong of course...Must seek out CE...

    Thanks for the input guys!


    Correct sir. On motherboards that support above the specified 500mA of power on USB 2.0 ports the second USB connector is often not necessary. USB 3 has a higher power specification (can't remember what it is).

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