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  1. Is there a way to get it to ask me what to do and give me the options: -Open folder to view files -View images -Play audio in this folder etc. While having most if not all of the switchblade hidden?(I have it hidden with the windows xp folder options) Im trying it now, but I cant get it to work while the files are "hidden"
  2. Whos tried it so far on u3? I have a sandisk micro u3 1 gig, but ive had bad exp. with u3 installers. When I tried the switchblade installer for my u3, it messed up my drive. It would read the storage partition at all. Id like the u3 version of hacksaw but......Im nervous Edit:Also, what if I want both hacksaw and switchblade?
  3. Also, I tried testing it on my computer and it give me an error when it gets to [Dump Sam] Heres what the error says. ************************************ ***********[Dump SAM]*************** ************************************ Logon to RICKJSADMIN$ failed: code 1203 Whats up with this?
  4. I'm using kapowdude's technique, which I'm pretty sure is a combo of maxdamage and amish's technique. Anyway, is there a way to get the flash drive to start the switchblade without going in my computer and autoplay? I mean I have a U3 device but I messed the last one up while installing one of the U3 techniques. So, can I?
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