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  1. I'm on 55k NZ. I was originally employed as a software developer but ended up becoming Head of IT by accident. Now the directors are complaining that software isn't being developed fast enough.... go figure. Instead of a pay rise, I'd rather employ another IT guy so I can get back to coding.
  2. Thanks r3b00tz and digip. I've been browsing through Github for ages now, and there are lots of interesting projects going on. It's hard finding something that I could slot into and start working on. And firebwall looks interesting. I worked for four years doing tier-less support (we handled everything big and small) for a software house that produced a firewall/proxy suite, so it's a topic that I'm familiar with.
  3. I'm a software developer, but I've found myself working in a company where I'm the only programmer, and my main project (Salesforce) isn't helping me fill in all the gaps in my knowledge. In fact it's probably teaching me a lot of bad habits. I can write procedural code just fine, but I still draw blanks when I try to design a program from scratch. All the low level programming knowledge in the world can't teach good program design. I think the best way for me to learn the skills I need would be to get involved with a team of social developers (as opposed to commercial developers) where I can contribute to and observe the process of designing a program and evolving it over time. My question is, where's a good place to find active social software development teams that are open to new developers and are willing to mentor an amateur like myself.
  4. Surprisingly enough, there are plenty of real world applications for that much data, but not outside the areas of research and science, and I guess the cloud. I have no idea what some guy from Russia would want with that much space other than to become famous for doing so (mission accomplished in that regard).
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