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  1. I just started using this ripper and I must say, well done. =) One thing, I hate to gripe, but the album art that is loaded onto the mp3 seems to be quite low quality compared to some other programs I have used in the past. It looks like your covers are consistently 130 x 130. Might I suggest grabbing them from Amazon.com which all seem to be 240 x 240? It might not be a big deal for viewing on an Ipod, but when viewing in Winamp, the covers are VERY pixelated and it would just be VERY nice to have a higher quality version of the album cover for viewing on a computer. =) Just some food for thought. ;) Thanks!
  2. Sorry if this is repetitive but the thread has gotten quite huge and I'm having trouble confirming if what I'm looking for still exists. Currently I am using Pandora's Jar - darkone_05's edition. I like it very much, however ONE thing I wish was included was automatic embedding of album art into the ID3 tag. I saw in the past that people worked on versions that included that but I haven't seen anything current. Does a current version exist that embeds the album art automatically? And if so, could somebody please direct me to the download link? Thanks in advance!! =)
  3. Check your flash player version at http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase...cfm?id=tn_15507 and make sure you are indeed running a version of 8. ;)
  4. I don't know too much about the technical details of it, but it doesn't appear to me that Flash 9 even makes it possible to grab the MP3s. The directory that it stashes the actual mp3s in with Flash 8 doesn't actually happen with Flash 9. If it can be found where the mp3s are placed with Flash 9 then perhaps it could actually be an option?
  5. Odd, you're getting the upgrade message everytime you thumb down a song? The only time that message pops back up for me is after I hit the songs before reload count and the whole program reloads.
  6. Zack, no extension is necessary... you might try upgrading to Firefox 2 if you can't find the "this frame" command. Also make sure you are right clicking directly in the white area where the flash upgrade message is. Good luck!
  7. Hey, that trick worked like a charm! Nice one HHM! Goes to show that "noobs" aren't all dumb... haha!
  8. I just noticed that the Pandora people must have released an update since yesterday... When you go into Edit mode on one of your stations, instead of opening up in the actual player, it loads a new browser page that gives more info, including channel description, comments, and pictures of your artists. Who knows if this has anything to do with this current issue but it's worth noting at least!!
  9. acamargob, check this thread for more on this issue: http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4245 Good luck!
  10. Yep.. I'm getting the same Flash upgrade message at work this morning too... wasn't having any problems last night at home... one possibility i was thinking about: At work my flash version is: WIN 8.0.24 and at home I have WIN 8.0.34 I believe it is. Could anybody confirm that the latest version of 8 (.34?) gives, or doesn't give, this message as well? I'll try to upgrade to the latest version of 8 when I get a chance if I don't hear any replies. In the meantime, running the version at pandora.com in conjunction with the localhost version seems to work just fine! P.S. I'm also running Pandora's Jar 7.4.0 beta if that might make a difference!
  11. Well my obvious noob tendencies have proved themself! I stupidly didn't check my flash version and upon downgrading to flash8 the rip function is working perfectly now! Thanks again CF for the very kind and patient assistance. I am signing up for a last.fm account now to fix the other issue. I hope to help another newbie in the future! Cheers!!
  12. To my knowledge this issue hasn't been posted on so here goes: I got the jar to run just fine, however when I try to rip a track it is not working. Moreso, even before I started using this sweet program, I tried to locate the mp3 file in C:Documents and SettingsDanaLocal SettingsTemp with no luck. I know what I'm doing as I have no problem locating them on my work machine but at home it doesn't appear to be placing the MP3 ANYWHERE. Has anybody else experienced this behavior? Also, in the Jar screen, after the song starts playing, it says: "Band bio disabled", "Song stats disabled", and "Top fans fetch disabled" for some reason. I'm running the latest jar also. I'd really appreciate any suggestions or help if anybody has any to give! Just let me know if you need any more info! Thanks in advance!!
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