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  1. I have been using Mercury Mail for over a year now. ---A quick youtube search--- Thunderbird is my NO1 choice, But here is a few WebMail Clients that look good. http://www.noupe.com/ajax/10-ajax-webmail-clients.html Mick
  2. Thanks for all your comments. I run the XP box on a ESXi server and make weekly snapshots. I have upgraded to Apache 2.2.19, Blocked the offending IP addresses and sent an Abuse email to the service provider of the IP addresses. This is a Email I got back from one of the provider's Not that is makes any difference now, But surly the service provider is ultimately responsible for the IP address as they host it? To answer my own question - Looking at the TOS and AUP of the provider they do class this type of activity "A Violation" of there TOS/AUP. Next thing - Should I be worried that I was getting "302(Found) on POST" and "200(OK) on GET"? Thanks again. Mick
  3. I have just noticed I am getting a lot of requests that look like this. I have had over 100 today. Can anyone shed any light on what it is? I also got the same a few weeks ago, I just blocked the IP. Ime using an XP box with Apache 2.2.17. I know I could just block it, But would like to know what is happening. This is what info I get from http://yourinfo.any-request-allowed.com/ Thanks - Mick
  4. This seems to work. May not be the best way to do it... But I got it working. import xlwt book = xlwt.Workbook(encoding="utf-8") sheet1 = book.add_sheet("Python Sheet 1") f=open('hstats.txt','r') data_list = f.readlines() f.close() i=0 x=4 r=0 c=0 for line in data_list: sheet1.write(r, c, line) i=i+1 c=c+1 if i > x: r=r +1 c=0 x=x +5 book.save("python_spreadsheet.xls")
  5. Hello, I am new to Python and need some help with xlwt. I have a txt file I am trying to convert to a spredsheet. (XML) line01 line02 line03 line04 line05 line06 line07 line08 line09 line10 How can I read the txt file and every 5 lines start a new Row. line01 line02 line03 line04 line05 line06 line07 line08 line09 line10 line11 line12 line13 line14 line15 This is what I have so far. import xlwt book = xlwt.Workbook(encoding="utf-8") sheet1 = book.add_sheet("Sheet1") fileIN = open('out2.txt', 'r') line = fileIN.readline() #--NEED HELP WITH THE REST-- fileIN.close() book.save("python_spreadsheet.xls")
  6. Thanks digip. I have had a good read of the pdf and I understand most of it. I'm going to use AMFast to decode the AMF. Well try.. lol Now time to learn python. Thanks for your post. -Star-
  7. Hello, I just need some advice on how to Decoding AMF3 Packets. I play a Flash game called EVONY and am trying to 'log' some in game info. (Commands sent and the reply) I am using wireshark to capture the packets, but they look like jargon. ...cmd.%trade.searchTrades.data ..resType........ #..cmd.data.%trade.searchTrades C..sellers buyers.packageId.ok... #. amount.price....$.@H.fffff .....r.@H...... .......@Hs33333 .......@H...... .......@G......... ....^.@F.G..z. .......@F...... .....@.@F.G..z. .......@F...... ....r.@E... =q........... I can see some data but as you can see alot of "...." I have been reading about 'amfast' But Ime not a programmer and dont understand how to use it. Or if it will help. Any info is welcome. Thank you
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