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  1. Yeah i'll do that from now on when i'm installing an OS, I fixed it by disconnecting my old drive, running a repair disc 3 times so it would write the bootmgr files to the drive C: and then reconnecting the old drive :)
  2. I've fixed it now thanks digip :) and Mr Protocol, I wouldn't have said those things if they weren't needed, as an administrator he should know only to post on topics if he has something to contribute, which in my opinion he didn't and neither did you.
  3. You honestly didn't think I chose the right drive when installing windows? Wow, thanks for the confidence. What has happened was I forgot to make my new harddrive first priority in the BIOS, then when I installed windows on it, it put the bootmgr on the first drive (the old one). i've created a windows repair disc, going to remove my old harddrive and run the repairs so I can boot off the new drive alone and then reinsert the old hard drive to be used for storage. thanks for the help digip, and thanks for not just assuming i'm a retard like Sparda and Mr Protocol.
  4. I know it's the boot drive but it won't let me boot without the J: drive or else it will say BOOTMGR is missing, can you see what i'm trying to do?
  5. So I had to reinstall Windows 7 due to human error on cloning a hard drive (it was 1am) and I installed Windows 7 on my new hard drive (Spinpoint F3 1TB) but the installer has set my drives up like this: I have done what this guy said here: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/SwitchingMyWindows7BootDiskFromDToCWithBCDBootRatherThanBCDEdit.aspx and it successfully copied the BOOT folder from drive J: to drive C:, so I have a BOOT folder on both C:\BOOT and J:\BOOT but BCDEDIT still shows that it is using J: to boot from: If Windows 7 had a Boot.ini it would be a simple case of changing J to C wouldn't it? But no Windows 7 has to be awkward. So this is where I am asking for help, i've Google'd around but my pea brain can't find the right thing, all I want is to have the "System" on drive C: as well so I can format drive J: for storage (plus if it dies I won't be able to boot at all). TL;DR: J: has the system boot files on it, when I need them on C: so I can format J:, I have copied the BOOT folder from J: to C: using bcdboot c:\windows /s c: . Thankyou to anyone who helps.
  6. going to use XXclone off of that disk it looks alot simpler to use, thanks :)
  7. Thanks for the fast reply, that program is a bit confusing, I definitely won't format my old drive until I know I can boot from the new one, what would be the basic guide for using that? I'd probably burn it to a disc for future use too.
  8. So i've just bought this HDD: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/173804 for an upgrade from an old 250gb one, all i'm needing to do is clone my old hard drive onto that one and then format my old one and boot off of the new one, I imagine it is possible and I know there is software out there. What is the best way/which is the best application to do this? Thanks for any feedback :)
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