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  1. Might be nice to have one Internet relay FON and one pineapple FON patched together for a complete package. Who want's to put together a how-to, or software package for the Internet relay FON? This would nicely complete the project, as the Internet source is the only 'missing' part to the already awesome pineapple. Thanks for your support!
  2. Hi, Trying to setup my open-mesh device as a client so I can feed a desktop Internet from local APs. Installed the pineapple stuff to start, so I could get all the great tools. Installed the wireless client package in xwrt. Looked good, the AP's log said it was authenticating; however, I still couldn't get from the lan to the wan. Had a new network defined wan, which was where the wireless client was configured. DHCP on the lan (ethernet) and tried dhcp client on the wan and then setup static. Things seemed to be progressing, and I was feeling confident in my actions, so I went in to configure some static routes to help the process along. Setup one that was wan (x) to lan (y): dest 192.168.y.0 / mask / gw 192.168.x.5 (static wireless ip) And one that was lan (y) to wan (x): dest 192.168.x.0 / mask / gw 192.168.y.1 (static wired ip) When applying changes, it pooped out and I can't get back in. The wired interface is still dishing up DHCP, but I can't connect from either end! ooops! Is there any good fix for this? -thanks Scott
  3. I see. I assume the chipset in the Fon2 is still highly compatable with our project. Any recommendations on where to find one? -yesman
  4. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply! Are you talking about Fonera 2.0N, the router? Since it has two antennas, would this device be able to be an AP and client without having to switch all the time? https://shop.fon.com/FonShop/shop/US/ShopController?view=product&product=PRD-022 -cheers yesman
  5. Greetings Fellow Fans, It's Christmas Break time, and I have some spare cycles to burn. Let's talk about freeing our Pineapples from the restrictive confines of network cables. If I were a Pineapple, I surely wouldn't want to be chained to my user's laptop. I would want to be out in the wild, roaming free! Given an Internet source is available via WiFi from a broadband device, or from another source, I have two main questions to start the discussion: 1) Is this even possible, given only the hardware within the Fon? More specifically, I've followed the below client setup instructions, and have not been able to get a second, virtual wireless interface to act as a client to my wireless broadband hockey puck. 2) If #1 is not possible, what would be the smallest, easiest addition to the Pineapple's hardware party, which would feed yummy Internet packets to our hungry fruit? What about another Fon brethren? http://wiki.openwrt.org/oldwiki/openwrtdocs/whiterussian/clientmode Keep it real! -yesman
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