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  1. can i get ESXi for free? how? link would be nice. I love virtualbox but that's only for playing and testing on my desktop i'm trying to face proxmox as something for serious work. And btw i got the proxmox setup with virtualmin on ubuntu 10.04 LTS working great now, i'm really happy with proxmox for a free alternative, i'm gonna keep testing and later on i'll surely take a look at vmware but for now i'm keeping the proxmox.
  2. @ Infiltrator - Vmware = paid = not an alternative to proxmox. keep reading. @ digip - You both said about the vmware but it's paid, i don't wanna keep paying for something i can and SHOULD do for free, vmware is nice i agree i've already used and i liked it a lot but in my case anything i can save better, i don't really care about the proxmox issues as long as i can deal with them.. eventually they'll fix it.. but i really don't want to pay more than i already have to if there is a free alternative, proxmox does all i need, virtualization, bridging, the hot migration stuff, clustering it's j
  3. Nobody said nothing =/ but i figured it all out by myself.. it's the CentOS 6, if you install ubuntu 11 it works normally, it was something with the centos 6.
  4. I'm back guys and i've been doing some tests with proxmox lately with a couple of servers of mine, and now i realize how buggy proxmox really is, or maybe i just don't know how to do anything at all in it.. The frist thing i noticed is that you can't upload big isos with the web interfece uploader feature, so you need to upload the isos manually with winscp to the /var/lib/vz/template/iso .. but it's no big deal right? But now i face another problem, i tried to install a centOS 6 VM using openvz and it won't let me select the iso i want to use in the installation.. it only sees those templat
  5. No i barely use cisco, right now i don't even own any, i was thinking about buying a cisco N wifi router but that's just for home network no big deal, and for the servers i don't think i'd be speding more money to implement ipv6 with cisco, just wondering something, will there be some time where i will have to replace all my old routers or even my switches because of ipv6? i don't see the need to replace switches cause as far as i know ipv6 still uses the old OSI and Ehternet standards.. but maybe i'm wrong i never had the patience to dig deep enough on ipv6, the thing is i use always a pc as
  6. isn't disabling ipv6 to ignore the fact? Will i have to wait till we run out of ipv4 to have more network compatibility and be able to setup everything properly? Cause really i don't know how ipv6 works with ipv4 networks, it just messes everything in my mind, that's why i wish there could be a more detailed explanation.. maybe as i mentioned a series of episodes of hak5
  7. I see that's why maybe i shouldn't be using pfsense after all.. maybe i should change to another distro or some workaround.. Anyways.. it still really complicated to implement, considering that i have to do it someday i rather start doing it now..
  8. Well the title says by itself.. i have a home network setup with pfsense, a static ipv4 and i'd like to have a ipv6 tunnel in my network so i could have ipv6 traffic as well as ipv4, the problem is i have NO IDEA what to do.. i have no idea how to setup or even how to start.. i know ipv6 works completely different than ipv4 and i'm concerned about it because it looks like every machine would be completely exposed to the web making the firewall pointless that way, if thare's no NAT going on in the network how is the firewall able to protect anyway? Well.. considering that we are running out of
  9. You're right, i noticed a 2db antenna, i know the 5db would be a bottleneck but you can't put a 24db antenna on a rc remote car.. it's way too big no matter what.. so you really need to test it out, though i think you should try those ip cameras instead of the ones you intend to buy, they may not be as good, but surely easier to manage and a wireless interface outta the box..
  10. "I am thinking on mounting a couple of those, on my RC remote control car and drive it around my neighborhood." Home Alone 3. It's a 2.4ghz camera, i think you can use a standard 1watt 2.4ghz amplifier and hook it up with higher gain antenna, 5db is fine for the remote car, otherwise you gonna have to dodge everything as you drive around...
  11. 4. Use it for penetration testing purposes. hmmmmmmmmm... just kidding hahhaa.. Also a NAS with any other OS like windows xp or server 2003, i got an old celeron 900 and a pentium 3 1100 that i use as a server for storage, hook it up with a raid pci controller, pci gigabit enthernet and you're set! Also it's good to stream stuff that doesn't require any post processing, and one last thing torrents, uploads, downloads, "legal" only!
  12. What about mikrotik? but really if it's a open hotspot why not just let everyone use it?
  13. Not a bad laptop infiltrator, i love these gamers, now Stones i don't think you gonna need a badass gpu for software development and virtualization, so i think a core i7 mobile with 6gigs of ram will do just fine, i found one that would be nice for that in the brazilian ebay, the HP DV7-3180US, well but here's the thing it looks like you really want something portable and powerful, just keep one thing in mind battery won't last that long specially because you gonna be using the heck outta that cpu and probably in High Performance mode so try to get anything with at least 8 lithium ion cells, i
  14. I've already checked that one, though i'm still having a bad time here... i'm gonna reformat the vm, fresh install and try again
  15. ok i found the way to add the user, i did it with python VBoxWebSrv.py adduser cobaia lamepassword. now it says XPCOM component "has no attribute 'infoVDSize" :S Well i'm gonna check out the phpVirtualBox, see if it's better, if someone could help me getting this up and running would be nice.
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