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  1. :( im a brand whore... I cant say i own anything nerdy, i have friends with no knowledge of computers who wear geek clothing just because they see others wearing it. I just wear Skate / Surf brand clothing (Aus). such as Volcom, Billabong, ripcurl. i dont see a point in going out of my way to say that im a geek.
  2. i would say pick the one u don't like, OC it, and only play games that are over 3 years old, they will work fine. Anything new, isn't going to be all that great on either of these cards.
  3. Thanks Cooper and %_%, i ended up with a solution like %_%'s but as Cooper pointed out, my original code worked -_-' deleted hello.txt and made a new one, worked perfectly as i had planned. Thanks guys.
  4. Im currently just playing around in Java, and am getting annoyed :( what im trying to do, is copy only 50% of the bytes from Src to DstA, then copy the other 50% to DstB. Then concatenate DstA and DstB to recreate the original file. So far no luck... What ive got so far can copy file A -> B, but wont allow me to read Src from given position. Any help would be much appreciated. for my understanding i should be able to be able to give the starting position within the line: MappedByteBuffer buf = in.map(FileChannel.MapMode.READ_ONLY, 0, size); but when ever i dont use 0, i get Caught IOException: Access is denied. import java.io.*; import java.nio.*; import java.nio.channels.FileChannel; public class split { /** Fast & simple file copy. */ public static void copy(File source, File dest) throws IOException { FileChannel in = null, out = null; try { in = new FileInputStream(source).getChannel(); out = new FileOutputStream(dest).getChannel(); long size = in.size(); System.out.println(size); MappedByteBuffer buf = in.map(FileChannel.MapMode.READ_ONLY, 0, size); out.write(buf); } finally { if (in != null) in.close(); if (out != null) out.close(); } } public static void main(String[] args) { try { copy(new File("C:\\hello.txt"), new File("C:\\hel.txt")); } catch (IOException e) { System.err.println("Caught IOException: " + e.getMessage()); } } }
  5. There is three major issues with books. There are too many to choose from, they don't always cover the same things / or are up to date, and the cost a lot. For PHP its easy to just search google and find a good beginners guide. It will have all that the book has, though may leave you to do further research. Though really before starting a new topic, you should have searched the forum, theres a rather large amount of topics out there, with good links in them.
  6. this will sound strange, but your processor isnt good enough to play the game... For your core, your looking at about 14-19fps. GTA4 has a lot of known performance issues, just google "GTA 4 bad performance issue" and you will find tons of forums complaining. Though as stated you need a beefer CPU, hes the proof:
  7. Job's looks as though he would steal an apple from a baby.
  8. I had the same issue at my old school, they were still teaching VB6, when .net '06 was released. The students campaigned for '06 Express to be installed. Finally it was, but yay the teacher didnt know how to use it...
  9. Kinda not allow to take pictures at my office, claims of sexual harassment n all. As for the server room, kinda don't want to take pictures and post it.
  10. One time, i pooped on a toilet that talked to me. Does that count as playing?
  11. I have quite a few friends buying them, as there first computers. For 3 main reasons. 1. There cheap, and there parents are more than willing to buy them for the kids who are studying. 2. The do whats needed. Internet research, MS Office, Social Networking Sites, Porn. 3. Girls find them cute.
  12. Yea Vako that's what i was saying before about Microsoft and monopoly. They were it, but now times are changing and so is there profit line, though still they are more widely know and for that, 'trusted' by users. More experienced users are moving on.
  13. Personally i use windows / Linux, i like to be able to customize, as well as most of the apps i use are windows based. Though saying this i have nothing against MAC, they work. There a lil expensive, and limited for a gaming computer, though they work out of the box. There for the simpler minded. You buy them from department stores, you plug them in, and you use them. They are marketed to be the family PC. Which they do well. Microsoft on the other hand, may be no longer with the times, Microsoft was the monopoly and MAC has only really started to become popular since the release of the iPod. From what ive seen with today's society, people are getting dumber. I find less people in the younger generations are interested in getting to know there hardware, or how the computer manages to function. They are more interested in Playing games, checking there mail, Chatting, tooling around on facebook and hacking there sisters myspace.
  14. Im using an: Acer Aspire One, using the built in Atheros chipset, only using netStublet, connected to my Nokia 6110 for GPS access, then we mark them on a map of our town, indecating the strengh of the encryption. Most of the time im slugging it out on my Shogun Road Bike (cycle, not motor), though ive been known to double check a few spots via car. I don't war drive (ride) to steal internet connections, or to hack peoples networks, but more of a way to keep fitness entertaining.
  15. Deveant

    I want to know

    go intel, more bang for the buck, if its for gaming, then get a higher end duel core for the quad cores price, as a quad is almost useless when gaming. DX10 is also on XP, so if your short on the cash, then XP is still a fine choice for OS, and as VaKo pointed out, your going to want around 6gb+ recommended 8gb. If its a gaming rig, then you would really want to be looking into the Intel Core i7 series, as thats whats going to give you the better speeds. (yea i know i said dont go quad, but if you have enough for one of these, then they are worth it). Though the biggest throw back is the MoBo's dont come to cheap, and neither does the DDR3 RAM.
  16. google the email address, i find that alot of girls add there email address to there, say myspace, profile page. myspace also gives you there town.
  17. My copy of Vista idles at 1.46gb of RAM used, on a 32bit OS that would only leave 1.5gb left, So you run a game and play online, game takes its share of the RAM, but then you may have ventrillo, possibly xFire, running a G15 keyboard and a game that supports the HUD? eventually it all takes its toll on the RAM. Family users play games as well, its not just left to elite hardcore gamers who need top end rigs just to blow a load in the morning. These days for the price its not uncommon to build cheap systems with 4gb (@ 800) of RAM. Might as well utilize it.
  18. i pay 50$ connection fee per quarter, then 12c local calls, 30c long distance, and that's with a major line carrier in Australia, don't really see why people need to cheap out on there calls, unless its for over seas, which then you just buy phone cards for.
  19. Normally for me, its a can of "Mother" (put out by coke) or "Vitalise", though mother normally takes preference due to double the can size / hit, for the same price.
  20. Would you keep your keys in your car, and the doors unlocked on the nature strip?
  21. Declaring main as an int, not only is good practice, but it allows the function to be ended any were in the code.
  22. No, actualy everything Rab covered is to fix the original application, just goes into detail about how it works, and how it makes sence to do it that way..
  23. int num1 = "0"; int num2 = "0"; int answer = "0"; this should be int num1 = 0; int num2 = 0; int answer = 0; otherwise your trying to assign a string value to a int. Secondly, your return should be withing the {} of main. and should not equal 0, but return 0. return(0); }
  24. http://www.bestechvideos.com/2008/07/01/dn...n-vb-net-part-2
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