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  1. Yay first post on Hak5 lol ^^ Well im gonna go out on a limb and persume sum things, first ur profile says ur location is Victoria, so ill be guessing u live in Aus, and i presume u have sum intelegance and that ur in High Skool, if im right then theres really not much u can actualy do the the skool PC's (not that i suggest that u do lol) But DE&T's regulations are that all skools us Deep Freeze, ProgKill, Symantec, and Novell. With this ur not gonna be able to really do anythink to the system and as for the network Novell is rather strong, with out physical access to the servers ur not gonna be doing to much to them. Though as for the box its self, Deep Freeze and Symantec wont allow u to virus them, so keyloggers and such are out. As for using Local Admin to gain NetAdmin rights, when it comes to Novell nothink will help u there. What im trying to get at is that though security may not seem visible im sure that ur local Techs are watching lol, and having 'Fun' with government property is not very legal lol, though it is always fun to rotate the display just as u get off lol.
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