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  1. actualy if your willing to spend some money, then you might wanna look into a USB->Serial adaptor, then all you need to do is connect the fan onto the RTS line, send out the Request to Send (RTS) and the fan will turn on aslong as the RTS is active. From here its not to difficult to write a short C programming to allow for TCP/IP to activate the RTS, or even port it to PHP to have a web GUI for fan controll.
  2. Thought you said it was intel quad? thats a AMD Phenom much higher end proccessor.
  3. there an option, but for the amount of programming / soldiering / price need to install one just to handle a fan, it isnt quite worth it. Have you checked on the motherboard for parrallel connection? Another viable option would be a simple circute using a thermal resister, so the fans will be off untill the temp hits a certant point.
  4. kinda one of the big issues with Melbourne (Australia - Victoria), We have on-shore and off-shore telemarketing, if its off shore then they go with india (its cheap) and if its on shore then they employee young indians who are studying, why? its cheap.
  5. Because in Australia we have bogans, America: red necks, and when you answer the phone at 6pm on a monday night and here: "'ello, my name is Ganaraj Madanagopala, and i am calling this morning to talk about about this AMAZING!!! fat lose secret. <insert head wobble>". Your going to hand up straight away. and the steriotypes are going to get annoyed at india. Sorry about the head wobble part, its just that im currently in a tutorial with an Indian teacher who wobbles her head ever other minute. Back on track (kinda) for me being a student, i find it more efficeint to make my own builds, though i have nothing against store brought, or shop assembled, but i tend to by parts as i have the money, and that extra 50$ that goes into service, every time i buy a new part, would be better spent on the next new part, or buying text books for uni. Back Back on track to the OP, Asian build, American assemble (sometimes), so Asia wins my vote.
  6. would be interesting to see how many people read the top post, and decided to pass, but after reading digip's post headed away from hak5 onto xtube.
  7. USB controllers are rather hard to make with little to no experience, but there is an easier way, wire the fan to power from the 5v USB line, but then run a transister of the parrallel port. You will then be able to activate the pin on the parrallel and make the fan turn on / off.
  8. i7-920 > quad core, since the chip alone is around 300$US, i highly doubt a store brought PC is going to have liquid cooling. Where did you get it from? its a pretty good price. liquid cooling isnt for people who dont know what their doing, so therefore if it leaks your really shouldnt have been installing it.
  9. There is a sticky in this section for starting out. http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9017 This isnt really the best place to ask, as its for the challenges. but the above link will get you started for windows based programming.
  10. haha i agree with corcrash, thats full blown software not a programmers challange.
  11. Resix put you challenge up mate.
  12. -.-' i suck ass at C, the concept is easy enough and i can do it / have it working perfect, just not in C. So if no one else has interest bar corcrash, can the source be posted and we move on to an open language contest with no silly restraints like limited lines / characters which is just bad programming. Your taught to worry about complexity, and mem managment, not file size of your source.
  13. the ad works, i watched it all the way to the end, and it had my un-divided attention.
  14. he has a good point, how about hold onto the source till the final day, just post screens and your char count?
  15. kinda a big issue with the 101 lines restraint. what do you class a line as? such as when using braces i go: if (true) { // Code } else { } does that mean one if statment takes up 4 lines of code?
  16. exactly as Vako said, the future is on-demain conted with online distribution, its plauseable the disks will be phased out, its possible that OS's will be distributed on flash drives or SSD's, but i dont really see that happening.
  17. umm to crack that many passwords, with salt, specialy passwords like C5FuR7k-giWBBIwczi5f, its going to take years, also testing a few names against the member list, everyone logged in late july (~20th). Passwords wernt cracked, IPB was comprimised, and captured the passwords, which kinda leads you to think, how do the mods know its currently not atm?
  18. for most of my solar mods, i use solar lights, found commonly in hardware shops, super markets and peoples front laws. 9/10 times they use recharage AA batteries, though to make the product cheap, they tend to make them with nasty batteries, so you might want to pick up a decient set.
  19. Sadly over the weekend my 1tb seagate decided to pass away taking all my raw film captures and pictures with it, thankfuly I have everything backed up. Vista could only see the drive as raw and 32mb, so jumped into Linux to reformat it and found that ubuntu can see and operate the drive, better yet mounting the drive in Linux rebooting into windows allows windows to use the drive -.-' so now I'm here after a few days of googling. Scan disk / seatools / test disk, all pass saying there is nothing wrong with the drive, though te disk won't work in any compute unless I boot ubuntu mount the reset. Just lookng for ideas? Cheers.
  20. my girlfriends neighbours hate us, and my girlfriend has a rather large blue heeler but doesnt bark, every night if we had music on in the back room, the neighbour would call the local councle saying that the dog is barking, to the point where it was threated that the dog would be put down. We paid for the dog to be put into a dog care centre for 2 nights, and we had a party that night, the neighbours complained again, but we had proof that the dog wasnt on the premisis, so now there complaints are ignored. (though the now arch up there cars when leaving at 6am for work).
  21. This isnt really a safe way of shutting down your PC. Your sending kill now commands to applications, which can cause data lose, not just programs out the front, but programs that controll your OS, So you might as well just pull ye'ol black cable from the wall, quicker and the odds are the same. Why would you want to shutdown any quicker? (i dont turn off my PC, though it power cycles every saturday morning)
  22. Hrmm try and explain what your trying to achieve, you say your running a PHP / SQL site, then there is really no need for JDBC, unless you are using a java applets on your site as well, that also needs a connection it your database.
  23. haha... 3939... Aus have more codes.
  24. yep reformar, and only place clean files back on your computer, then your fine.
  25. sticky tape a mobile phone to a stuffed animal hand (or insert it up its rectum). Buy a survivors battery for the phone, and use some java foo to make a auto recorder (or buy one).
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