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  1. The biggest issue your gonna have is running the cables in the walls and roof, even for residential. Incorrect installation can lead to fire... Thats pretty much everything thats included in the open cable registration for australian.

    The issue is running cables near power lines can cause attuenuation on the lines, and or cause fires. If you are to install them in someones house, and say Telstra come in to work on the phone lines and see shotty run cable, they will cut it.

  2. Yeah my first post was crap. But what 14 - 17 year old would have a large budget? I havn't seen one around. I was told by my boss to find him the best computer specs that money can buy. Yes I have told him that in a few years / months it would be out of date. He doesn't care. Thats why I asked you guys the question, what is the best computer / hardware available at this present time. This post might clear up some questions and haters :) from the first post I made.

    Yea alright, sorry mate. Talked to way to many kids who talk shit saying they own the latest/biggest, or are buying them, just to try and make there e-penis look bigger. But all good on your behalf.

    But as Vako said, MacPro or Dell. Just find the most expensive and your done.

  3. I dont mind the story as of much, last Xmas my girlfriend made me read the Twilight book (without seeing the film first), and as much as it is a 16yo's love story, it wasnt to bad, with nothing to do between my 4 month Uni summer holiday, i read all 4 books, and by the end the series was pretty good, still very much a love story, but readable for a 20yo male.

    Then the first movie... Acting was poor, and very much a B-Grade film. There is more hype for the actors than what there is for the film, and for me the film kinda brings shame to story. but now its a cash cow that they shall ride into the billion dollar sunset.

    The Vampire Diaries :)

    True Blood :)

    If the cast from Vamp Diaries did Twilight, shit might be good.

  4. I can't help but correct you on this, but firewire is nowhere near being considered a high speed bus, topping at around 900 Mbits. Its slower than PCI, which is still nowhere fast enough to share system resources


    PCI - 133 MB/s

    Firewire - 50-400 MB/s

    Firewire is considered a high speed communications connection, due to the use of isochronous real-time data transfer.

  5. well i uploaded the .jar file aswel, and if you open taht with winrar, you ca get at the source code.. its rediculously simple. And the jar has a lot of unused junk left over from Twitter4J. hmm sad to hear someone has already done something like this hahaha i thought i had something really unique. thanks for the links btw.

    Hrmmm no, no you cant. Inside a .jar, is class files not source files. But none the less the concept is good, but has already been done here, and ive also seen a fair few other implementations of the concept. (props to Digininja as his was first i saw).

  6. thats... not a hierarchy chart at all, and why would he want to do a flowchart? puesdocode code doesnt even fit here... What hes after is do you map out or plan for GUI creation.

    Anywho for me its kinda a no, i use Photoshop to prototype my GUI, then create and skin it in what ever language im using.

  7. The OS was installed by a 2nd party. They rebuild the computer and installed XP on it. The bios says Unknown Hardware.

    Im from Indiana.

    Will do that, I ordered fresh cables from store.

    Its IDE not SATA but I will try and follow this.

    Is the drive sharing a ribbon with a hard drive? or does it have its own link? If its shared, make sure that the jumper settings have been changed to slave secondary.

  8. ok, i am going to have to get a new drive,

    so as long as i get the key off the old, which i can still do, then it doesn't matter what kind of drive i get?

    and re-flashing the firmware will allow me to play burnt games as well.

    did i get all that right?

    its best to get the same drive type, as its easier if you dont know what your doing, but as FireTime said, you can spof your key onto any drive these days.

    You said earlier that you read you cant mod the drive, the only drives that cant be done are the new Lite-Ons, also they keys from this drive cant be read. So again i ask, What drive do you have? and did you open up the drive itself?

    If you did open up the drive, then chances are you muffed it putting it back together, or if you remover the eject leaver, or dvd drive bezzel, chance is you again muffed putting it back together. the Servos dont just give out if all you did is uplug it, therefore the drive is probably not dead.

    Try removing the front bezzel of the drive (the silver bit that says Xbox) and remove the eject switch. Put the drive in the case, and turn it on, and try ejecting.

  9. for mods like this I wish someone could write a app that does all of the work for you (like you just browse for the new firmware file and it will handle all of the keys and editing and flashing for you since the steps are pretty much the same for everyone, why not make it automated instead of forcing people to go through all of the steps which increases the risk of bricking their drive or console)

    oh wait, thats called jungle flasher.

    JF is the most it will be automated, you press read, it gets your key, it them creats the Custom FW, you press write, and it writes the new CFW to the drive, with all drives (bar the very new revision of the Lite-On Drives - Non-hackable as of today).

    @joeberry, What drive do you have? and did you open up the drive itself?

  10. is the script on your end or the server end?

    If the file is on the server, then im not to sure whats wrong, but if the file is on your end, then your going about this the wrong way.

    plink -telnet SMTPserver.com -P 25 myscriptname

    the 'myscriptname' atm will only run the command 'myscriptname' on the server in the default directory that you are connected to, so if the file isnt on the server thats not going to do to much for you.

    So what you need to do, is use the -m:

    -m file   read remote command(s) from file

    so you if file is local you should use:

    plink -telnet SMTPserver.com -P 25 -m myscriptname

  11. Wouldn't it be easier to use a foreach loop instead of a general for loop?

    yea sure... but its all and all really not that much different, and this topic was kinda dead...


    $fileselection = scan_directory_recursively('./');
    foreach ($fileselection as $extractedArray) {
        echo $extractedArray['name'] . "<br />";

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