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  1. hello Flex.... I think i got the problem.... when you Command BT to start in text mode, the Graphical modules don't get loaded.Try booting with backtrack with 1024 x 768 or use init methods.... hope it works for you ,do let me know regards.
  2. Hello everyone, Seems like a problem is over here ... I can't upload my profile picture. The avatar uploaded successfully.Please let me know. Regards...
  3. Name: Neal aka Blackshad0w Favourite game: Call of Duty, Battlefield Bad company. Favourite OS: RHEL 6, Backtrack 4 R2 (It have everything in it) Favourite console: N/A Nationality: Indian Accent: Indian (As other says ;)) Sex: Male Age: 22 Race: Ethnic Indian Height: 6 ft Status: In love with tech and everything that relates to it ;) Favourite band: Jal, westlife and yeah beatles too Favourite book: a walk to remember by Nicholas spark Favourite author: Read almost all the authors Favourite movie: Just like heaven, swordfish, Hackers Other hobbies:Motorbike Racing, Cellphone phreaking, Webdevelopement(sometimes), Motorcycling, assessing networks(thats what i love :)) Occupation: RHEL Admin, technical advisor, freelance support I like the hak5 really very much as i got many of my conceptuals more clear than they were... thank you darren and hak5 team.
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