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  1. Jesus, that's an incredibly detailed answer cooper. Cannot thank you enough. What's even more impressive than the data itself, is that you've so thoroughly explained a systematic way of thinking about this. ...back to study about TOR and VPN services..! Keep the answers coming! Even smaller suggestions that can add up to what's already been said, can and surely will prove useful
  2. Very informative indeed, thanks! It'd be good if people kept posting their methods to stay anonymous in here. Although this is a chasing game, it's better to know which traces "they" will be checking and in which order.
  3. (please notice that this is being conducted as a security evaluation in my own company, nothing in here can get me in legal trouble since I own the network and all the computers connected to it) Hi, I need to create a relay server for my pineapple to ssh to when I deploy it in position. The thing is, I need it to be completely untreaceable back to me, otherwise my IT guys would find it too easily. They know they're going to be tested, they agreed to it and to not knowing when this is going to happen. My question is, how would you guys go about: buying the hosting/remote server/vps so that it cannot be connected back to you? what kind of server would you use for a relay server? what security measures would you take so your anonimity is preserved? Thanks a lot!
  4. I'll be investigating about creating DNS servers, thanks guys. My thoughts were also like: "If a router is openwrt -compatible, I should be able to install a modified version of openwrt that suits my needs". In my head, these mods made to openwrt were things like pineapple infusions to perform various attacks.
  5. Thanks for your answers cooper and digip. I was mostly aiming to modifying the victim router itself to somehow route all traffic through a remote server, and maybe sniff stuff in there?
  6. Here's something I've been thinking about for a long time: you know when you go into a bar, ask for the wifi password and notice that the router has the default user and pass set? How easy if at all possible would it be to somehow sniff that traffic from somewhere else? Maybe it's even possible to automate things like capturing certain types of packages, cookies or even capture some credentials? Maybe I'm way off, I'm a complete rookie in this field. In that case I'd be very grateful if somebody explained why it can't be done! Thanks in advance!
  7. +1 for latin american spanish layout It's used on a huge number of systems worldwide! I'd be more than glad to code it myself if I can just figure out how to do it, I'll take a look around in the forums and write back if I manage to do it today.
  8. Hi everyone, this is my first post. I have been reading the forum for some months mow, and watching the show for 2 years but it wasnt untill now that I decided to post. My problem is that I followed this guide today (because the one for the firmware version of Jasager in digininjas page wasnt working for me), i got to point 9. When I rebooted and tryed to run step 10 then "out.hex" wasnt in tmp anymore. (?) I transfered it again and run the command on step 10, run reboot and... almost an hour later my fon2100 is not broadcasting myplace anymore, and no blinking leds, only the rightmost one constantly on... I could really use some help here, I know this is an old thread but please, Please help me!! Btw, thanks digininja and darren for promoting this, and helping people out. Peace
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