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  1. Did you reflash pineapple or installed something on it? I presume you are talking about this take note : /root .Its root home, if my memory doesn't fail on me. If you are in / which is root level than its probably like this?
  2. I've reflashed my fon 3 times the day before writing this topic... Reflash is an option if you screw something up, but don't reflash too often. UPD: Pineapple is a nice toy, however it requires a basic(maybe Intermediate) knowledge in Networking All tutorials and stuff assume that a pineapple owner knows such things as - what network mask is used for - what is the ip class - what is the gateway etc.. so for a Brand new person, I would recommend to study basic networking first
  3. Hak5 episode 911 => cup of cofee antenna as a straw (Cofee with a straw, weird, but possible) soda cup could work too ... I wonder what format the cup should i take to fit in pineapple with the battarypack? you can hide your pineapple inside of a cookie box
  4. Greetings fellow pineapple lovers! I don’t know if it is any useful to you (I would love to have what I’m writing right now a few days ago anyways). Before we start, know if you cannot undo changes you've done to your pineapple consider reflashing it (reflash guide on the hak5.org homepage) or Here. *Note :If you have changed your pineapple IP to something else than, after the flashing utility closes, change the static ip of your Ethernet adapter to IP : 192.168.1.(any value int that ip range not 0 not 255) ex: MASK: Gateway: (your pineapple IP) since the default ip of the pineapple after reflash is First of all, if you want to follow the tutorial, take note of the weird corruption inside wireless file. Erase everything above this line root@OpenWrt:/etc/config# cat wireless Including the line ;) if the wireless file looks like this: config wifi-device wifi0 option type atheros option channel 5 option mode '11bg' option diversity '0' option disabled '0' config wifi-iface option device wifi0 option network lan option mode ap option ssid 'Get RickRolld' option encryption none option hidden '0' option isolate '0' option txpower '0' option bgscan '0' option wds '0' than no need to remove anything ;) Secondly, the dhcp file doesn’t allow a client to acquire an IP adress... So,I screwd it up a little … you can try this one : config dhcp option interface lan option start 100 option limit 150 option leasetime '720m' config dhcp option interface wan option ignore '1' option start '100' option limit '150' option leasetime '720m' config dnsmasq option authoritative '1' option domain 'lan' option local '/lan/' option boguspriv '0' option filterwin2k '0' option localise_queries '1' option expandhosts '1' option nonegcache '0' option readethers '1' option leasefile '/tmp/dhcp.leases' Thirdly, if you have webif, before moving Rick’s index.html into /www Change webif’s index.html to any .html filename you like…. In case you need webif after… http://yourPineappleIP/nameOFwebIf.html Finally, take note, https:// URLs from bookmarks and even “aaaa” typed in the browser will give an error, wouldn’t it be nice to set 404 error to the /www/index.html? touch /etc/rrhttpd.conf echo "E404:/www/index.html" > /etc/rrhttpd.conf open up /etc/init.d/httpd above thos line: eval "$HTTPD_BIN $args" add the line append args "-c /etc/rrhttpd.conf" UPD: I think editing the httpd doesn't require system reboot, anyways try: /etc/init.d/httpd restart Modified (a little) Source for this final step are from guide :by Psychosis Note: if you do this Webif will print out a page saying "Permission denied" if you want to modify something using webif just comment the line in /etc/init.d/httpd by adding a pound, like this: #append args "-c /etc/rrhttpd.conf" Note: everytime you modify the file you need to rebot or restart httpd hope this would help n00bs just likemyself.
  5. Hello, I have a same problem, I followed your guide and DigiNinja mind map (a.k.a pdf how to setup ICS on linux) fon ip : MITM (BT4 r2) eth0: victim ip: on a victim PC i have gateway ip) ping - win (obviously) ping - win " " ping - FAIL! where did I Screwd up? /etc/config/network config interface loopback option ifname lo option proto static option ipaddr option netmask config interface lan option ifname eth0 option type bridge option proto static option ipaddr option netmask /etc/config/dhcp config dnsmasq option domainneeded 1 option boguspriv 1 option filterwin2k '0' #enable for dial on demand option localise_queries 1 option local '/lan/' option domain 'lan' option expandhosts 1 option nonegcache 0 option authoritative 1 option readethers 1 option leasefile '/tmp/dhcp.leases' option resolvfile '/tmp/resolv.conf.auto' list 'dhcp_option' '3,' list 'dhcp_option' '6,' config dhcp lan option interface lan option start 100 option limit 150 option leasetime 12h config dhcp wan option interface wan option ignore 1
  6. Hello again, I need your hand one more time, are there any on...() methods like onDoubleClick(), onKeyPress_KEY() I need something to TRIGGER the main method. thanks for the help UPD: I mean,I dont want the method to run if not triggered
  7. Reely? you think they are so stooped? when, I say fully lockdown, it is fully lockdown UPD: the possibility of booting from other devices than hd0, was the first thing the technicians disabled, I guess.
  8. Hello Dudes, I just got my teensy, and wondering how could I own a callege PC? (except Computer Science) Everywhere in callage are fully lockdown well they accept spare usb keyboards can you inspire me, how could I own with the Teensy a fully lockdown pc? anything.... somtething..... ?
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