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    Well, I got a big problem with the payload. Following carefully the instructions, I've installed the u3p file and maked it in autorun, but it won't start. Even starting it manually nothing happens: the logs directory is empty. Every file is in the correct place, I checked it a thousand of times. I also tried to replace H:\System\Apps\E5E37115-A1CB-4D78-A39E-3CB6A668D65E\Data\fbex.exe with the bex.exe, renaming it and copying the logs and blade directories in the same place. Nothing. Bex.exe works only if started manually, but for fbex.exe no way. My configuration: Macbook 13' late 2008 Windows XP with Bootcamp Avira Antivir Personal - Disabled, because he wants to delete an half part of the programs in the key (The same problem on VMWare -> WinXP under MacOSX) Sorry for my english, I know that is orrible.
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