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  1. Yep, I looked at the notifications I had received, and Norton Endpoint removed them. It's a required install to connect to our university network, so I'm definitely looking forward to the fix (whether it be stealth or a av kill!) :D EDIT: I'm curious as to why norton didn't remove the last couple of dump apps though..
  2. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...But when I run this, I'm only able to find the sysinfo and ie_history in the logs folder. Tested on both my machine and my roommate's, only those two files show up EDIT: I re-extracted the entire package to my stick, because I noticed that a lot of the dump .exe's were missing from the blade folder. However, when I ran it a second time, I watched them all disappear except hidec, iehv, PwDump, and WirelessKeyView. My second try returned the same two logs, what am I doing wrong?
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