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  1. that php plugin uses the inofficial api - i thought you dont want to use it? i could help you guys - i wrote that java app... if you have any problems pme
  2. i just created a new volume in win7, opened truecrypt, mounted the device 3 times (always displayed wrong pw) and then its restored the header and now everything is working..
  3. thanks its running, and analysing the cylinders. Will testdisk discover the partition as TC partition? Are you experienced with this tool and could you guide me? I dont want to harm the drive more... edit: testdrive didnt find anything...
  4. Hello, following problem: I have a Samsung Spinpoint (500gb) which is completly encrypted with truecrypt and a keyfile. I just formatted my ssd to install win7 and - because i thought i plugged the spinpoint off - deleted all partitions listed by the windows 7 installer. So i only hit delete, and then i saw that i just deleted the spinpoint TC partition too. I pushed the reset button in the hope that the windows installer does the operations when the installation starts, just like linux. But that was wrong... everything is gone. I just plugged the spinpoint off. Is there any way to recover the data?? Thanks!
  5. @killer54291 the grooveloader has been renamed to soundbox and is available here (if you mean the java application)
  6. the one used by most grooveshark applications ;)
  7. @brandon why dont you just use the old api?
  8. scilors grooveshark downloader is not opensource, he may think it is, but its free as beer in a supermarket. so you need to take a c# disassembler. line 166 displays whats going on to generate the key you need for communication. everything else can be found on the internet (eg. google for getstreamkeyfromsongidex)
  9. they probably analyzed some logs and made regarding changes to block everyone who is not faking a browser 100% one thing is that the request must contain a "Content-Length" header, otherwise the request is blocked if someone has more informations, please pm me :)
  10. just checked my little app .. its not working anymore so i took a look at the grooveshark hp... they changed their API pretty heavy... anyone an idea how to get this token now? edit: correction: not the api but the client identification, i get invalid client at getCommunicationToken
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