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  1. The budget isn't to high probably enough to get 24 new computers to replacing aging one plus a few thousand euro to redo the network. Xendesktop seems a bit much for such a small amount of computers since most are setup with there needed applicants at the moment. I am far more concerned of a virus taking out everyone or a way to quickly update all computers with new versions of firefox, office and solidworks all at once.
  2. The school actually lets the kids play some games at predefined times ie. lunch as a reward. However they are not currently blocked during normal times any links to good way to accomplish that with a schedule.
  3. Thanks for your input barry99705 and Infiltrator i think deepfreeze might work if i can convince the teachers to not leave import documents on there desktop(can see some angry forgetful teachers in my future). The link for filtering the net was interesting but we have a free service here that does much of the same so no real need to switch. I there a way to make the desktop save all documents when the machine is turned off and save them to the server and reload them at restart? So as to stop teachers getting pissed if they forget to use the networked drive.
  4. Thanks for all the info guys. I really liked Sparda's bullet proof idea of using deepfreeze as it would stop me having to fix a lot of problems but unfortunately most of the computers outside the main rooms are teacher computers and laptops so wiping them is not an option. I was wondering if installing a new central gigabit switch was necessary as the internet connection itself is only at 15Mbps so it could never be maxed with 100Mbps switches. The subnetting idea was implemented in the past but as far as i know it was then removed after only a few months because of problems with people trying to access the server for a swipe card system they use to log students attendance. What's the main security advantage by using two subnets vs. one? Currently on the Domain server all students have limited accounts with no ability to install, see control panel or do anything besides use the net and few programs which is fine. If i were to switch to untangle would it best to place this between the main network switch and the net? Is it complicated to set up/monitor? Infiltrator when you say do a core install what do you mean? would it offer any less features? I have no problem starting from scratch if its needed but don't want to if possible. Any recommendations for something like deepfreeze but with the ability to keep data.
  5. Hi guys was hoping you could help point me in right direction and show me some best practices for setting up and mainting a high school network. I have recently just been told to completely renetwork the schools main computer room aswell as making sure that the security measuers are still effective since they are probably about 5 years old at this stage.(i happen to know the security is well compromised as i was i able to acces anything i wanted with minutes with little to no effort) So first off i will tell you how the network is currently laid out(i must point out i didn't build this network nor do i have the acces codes used by the previous admin as there was never a single admin only different compaines contracted to do add ons. I do however have admin pirleges belonging the current computer teacher). Networking equipement is as follows: 1. Windows 2003 r2 domain serve currently doing dhcp for whole network aswell as active directory for the two main computer rooms but not the computers outside. 2. An ipcop running on an old p4. 3. Smoothwall firewall running on an old p4. 4. Around 10-15 switches mostly 8-16 port unmanaged as well as 2 24port switches 5. Around 100 computers clients in total spread out around the whole school. So first off the ipcop and smoothwall firewall seem to be doing nothing at this point. The whole ip address scheme is 192.168.1.XXX and the students in the computer rooms are all using a single account on the active directory to log on so there is no way to trace anything. After seeing all this i decided that it would make sense to: A. Remove as many unneeded switches and replace with larger ones as needed. B. Give each student there own log on. C. Change ISP to a filtered educatioal one. But what i would really like to know is how to protect all the computers outside the main rooms as currently all they have is dhcp server giving out ip's and thats it, no security. Plus any suggestions on what to do with the hardware they have or to buy? If you need any more details let me know.
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