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  1. I recently have decided to exploit some computers (don't worry, they're just test computers) and I have a major question: What are some useful tools, exploits, programs that I should have on hand (or on USB drive)? I know some obvious ones like Metasploit and Nmap, but what are some other good ones? If you need more info about the machines, here it is: 2 computers running Windows XP Professional SP3 1 computer running Windows XP Professional SP2 1 computer running Windows 7 Professional If you need any more information I will gladly answer it.
  2. I have Internet now (because I'm plugged into the Ethernet cable), but I still can't get my WiFi to work. NetworkManager says that its disconnected. I checked out the article, and I still couldn't get it to work. I don't think I will like having to be plugged into the Ethernet cable every time I use the Internet. Thanks, Matthew P.S. I am not as n00bish as before, but I'm still a n00b.
  3. I recently have decided to try to dive into the world of Ubuntu. Of course, I didn't want to have to fully switch over to Ubuntu, so I decided to extract Ubuntu onto a USB and simple boot my computer off of the USB. Although I always have the same problem when I try and boot Ubuntu off of my laptop. I can never get it to connect with my WiFi. I have tried over and over again but I can never connect to it. If I boot Ubuntu on my desktop then everything is fine but It all messes up on my laptop. Can I get some help? P.S. I am kind of a n00b. P.S.S. I also lost the game.
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