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  1. I second many of the above :P I second death note because I really really like it.. Hajime no Ippo Kenichi One Piece Watashi wa girishajin desu ;) (the only good think i know in jap:P)
  2. What about a garden lamp which is solar powered? Doesn't leave much space for the router...perhaps you can put it underground? The base can make a nice antenna .... and coupling this with rechargeable batteries would be nice. ;) Not sure how you'll connect your pc though.. perhaps you can do it wireless-ly at the same time?
  3. I wonder how small it can get if you take it apart :blink:
  4. I'd suggest finding a menu tree somewhere then trying to copy your contacts over to your sim card... by .. well ... pressing the appropriate buttons :p (even without a screen..) another thing you could try is to connect it to your computer and try to pull the data off it ;)
  5. Heh that's cool moonlit, but i was kinda hoping of seeing crazy ways of watching the show , so .. i challenge you mates :p find the craziest way to view hak5, and share it with us :p
  6. Let me start with this : http://img512.imageshack.us/my.php?image=2...800scrotpd7.png To be honest that was kinda slow, although it was watchable :p I think my harddrive slow it down though, cpu was like 60%... That's on my Duo Core Centrino 1.67Ghz.. so... how do you ... take care of your technolust ? ;p
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