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  1. If your downloading large files from torrent sites, I have utorrent and drop box set up so that if i download the torrent file to my dropbox on my netbook it will get synced back to my other pc, utorrent sees it and starts downloading it automatically. I think i've seen a program that works on the same idea. If you drop a txt file into dropbox with a list of urls to download listed in it, you can get a program that will start downloading them by itself. Hope that helps...
  2. Hey guys this is my first post here so I could have this in completely wrong section. Recently started to play around with wifi. Anyway I'm trying to do what Darren did at the airport. I'm having trouble getting airdrop to work. Last night I managed to get airdrop working with one wireless card (built in atheros card) and my test laptop suffered severe slow down but not complete because of airodump and airdrop fighting over control of the channels. Anyway... Now I have 2 wireless devices and I'm running BT4 from a usb drive. I managed to dig up an old wifi dongle which I tried using before for wep cracking but was not able to inject packets. So I thought I would use this card to sniff the network with airodump and then feed the csv file into airdrop running on my built in card. However when I run airdrop this time around I get this: Reached global deauth at rule d/any|any Rule Number 1 All clients that dont have a rule will be kicked at this point Attempting to TX 32 packets 1 times each Traceback (most recent call last); File "./airdrop-ng", line 1056, in <module> TotalPacket += makeMagic(Targeting.targets,int(options.sleept)) File "./airdrop-ng", line 871, in makeMagic int(packetQue[01][01] #channel to tx the packet on File "./airdrop-ng", line 827, in lorconTX if tx.getchannel() != channel: pylorcon.Lorcon Error: channel get ioctl failed 22:invalid argument I would really apreciate the help. Thanks
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