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  1. Maybe I am not understanding your update procedure. The way I see things; http://zzj.itf-inc.com/s2/ = Update Required to be installed by the end user http://zzj.itf-inc.com/s2/Saver2Setup.exe = The generic app installer. (The one which will end up needing to be patched.) When I go to http://zzj.itf-inc.com/s2/ ; I find a page with dev. notes on S2 for each version, etc... Lots of good info here, but - I can only find the full S2 installer itself up at the top of the page. I can't seem to find any info on the path itself. (yes, i see that it says it Needs to be patched - But no mention/location OF the patch DL/Installer.) As the only DL I can find is the S2 installer itself (as mentioned), I am lead to believe that this DL is the fixed version. Yet, if I use the old installer or the one believed to be new - they both require an update when loading for the first time. This is the Same update that we have been talking about. I am lost/going in circles. I have 2 S2 full installers (one dl link, but two pages pointing to it) but no patch. Yes I am missing something and yes it is most likely right under my nose... Either way, could you please clarify?
  2. heh - I should have thought about that. New Q. Though. I have installed S2 per your installer - and at the end I get a msg saying I have to do an update myself.. Yet when i go to the link and DL the update, it seems to be the same S2 installer I already had. If I do the update through S2, it gives me: "Your version of Saver2 is out of date. This update is marked as non-vital. server md5 : e8219dfccd33b17723b6dc09b4e1c77c local hash : 06ed4286297f05039838c8e303439521 server date: 7/2/2010 2:06:10 PM CST local date : 7/2/2010 2:06:10 PM CST server size: 802970 local size : 802970 ------------------------------------- | Would you like to update now? | ------------------------------------- --- Changelog ---------------------------------------- !!! IMPORTANT !!! YOU WILL NEED TO INSTALL THIS UPDATE BY DOWNLOAD THE INSTALLER FROM http://zzj.itf-inc.com/s2/ !!! IMPORTANT !!! http://zzj.itf-inc.com/s2/Saver2Setup.exe A bug was introducted in the update mechanism in the last major patch... Sorry for the inconvience. 07/02/10: 1.3 build 746 (nonvital) ..." I update this and once it opens it says it installed. Yet it once again tells me I need to apply this update. If I do it a 2nd time, it Deletes just about Everything from S2 install folder. What noob mistake am I making? Edit / Additional: I am trying to get all audio at 320Bit - which I know - is overkill.. but thats just me. I am seeing a lack of lame.exe runnng and more of "song is already in .mp3 format." The songs I am getting are 2 - 4MB in size - which does not suggest they are 320bit... Do you guys know anything about this? How can I make sure I am getting the higher quality audio?
  3. I've Gone and broke your Uploader.... :o "Saver2 Install Started Setup generated on 3:08:19 PM CST 7/2/2010 Output folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Saver2New Searching for processes called 'SProxy.exe' -> Found 0 processes running No application instances found Downloading S2bins.zip... Error: failed to download S2bins.zip (SendRequest Error) Writing log file C:\Program Files (x86)\Saver2New\install.log" Yes, tried it twice @ two install locations... same deal. Oh - And HI - New Usr
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