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  1. For the pandora.jar that would be: http://comicnut.speedxs.nl/pandora.jar It's 92858 bytes in size. The next update to this file will include some additional work that will make it easier to figure out what version you're using. I guess I had an older file because it works now. Thanks a bunch. :)
  2. Can anyone give me a definite link to the latest version? There are just so many different files in this thread and I can't keep track which version is which. The file size of the pandora.jar I currently have is 90.6KB.
  3. Pandora has changed the nameing scheme again. The mp3 files are all being stored in the %temp% directory and being named "plugtmp-#".
  4. Pandora has relocated the MP3's yet again. Now they're located outside the "plugtmp" folder and are named "plugtmp-#".
  5. Won't the program become out of synch with Pandora if it is restarted and grab the wrong file? Or will it automatically compensate for the song that is downloaded before hand in the background?
  6. James

    Pandora Hack

    It looks like Pandora has changed the way they format the text in the title bar of Firefox so the hack isn't detecting it properly anymore. Which is probably why everyone is getting “Unable to obtain title and artist information†error. Downgrading Firefox won't fix the problem.
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