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  1. I've add a Trac project page to my little remote control app. Feel free to check it out. Maybe eventually I'll actually do something with it :) http://ender.dreamhosters.com/Saver2Remote
  2. Thanks, I'll get on IRC so we can talk. I've posted what I've got so far (which displays the album art, and has some basic controls) at http://ender.dreamhosters.com/svn/saver2remote/ It's publicly visible, and will remain so, until I get some more stuff up so that people could actually download this, if they'd like.
  3. Thanks a lot, that was extremely helpful. I now have a simple version of the program working, and I'm getting ready to start writing the http-parsing code that will give me things like the currently playing artist, song, album art, etc. Is there a way I could get you to add in queries that will return something more easy to parse? Perhaps something like JSON, or even a simpler HTML page with the data tagged in some way? Other than that, I've got most of the functionality I'd like with just the commands and the status - I'm basically re-writing the Pandora client UI as a C# app that suits the
  4. So, I was wondering if you'd be interested in working with another developer to extend your awesome program. Here are my thoughts: I have a home theater PC that I generally use to run Saver2, which plays music in my whole house and saves the stream. I have some wireless Pocket PC devices. I would love to be able to wander around my house, listening to the music, and have 1) album art displayed on my pocket pc and 2) be able to thumb up/down music from my pocket PC. How do we accomplish this? Well, you and I can work together and create a communications protocol whereby devices on the loc
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