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  1. Any word from the hak5 team yet?
  2. you could try and convince Shannon to do something cool for a snubs report segment, that's going to be your only luck... Another phone that may make for a cool segment(if the team could get their hands on one) would be the Palm Pre Plus, as it runs a slightly modified version of busybox, with a user interface built with web standards(html, java, css) and the greatest bit is that Palm allows anybody to mess with whatever you want without the need for special roms or complicated rooting...
  3. does anybody know where I could get a copy of the vector that at one time was posted on the wiki? doesn't matter if it's PSD, EPS, or AI. I'm looking at making a 3 ft long sticker with it :D EDIT: here's a relevant link: http://www.hak5.org/w/index.php/Goodies#Logo
  4. Yep, and it works two-fold too. the more you can prove that you are legit, the more likely someone else is to contact you to buy your item
  5. then encrypt each volume with a different key! extra security!
  6. have a few somewhere, nothing very interesting as of yet... It moves, but not very fast... need a more powerful motor controller and the gearing needs to be tweaked. when I find 'em Ill post em anyways.
  7. for mac, nothing beats the free carbon copy cloner. Sure, it's mac only and only works with a mac-formatted source and target volume, but it can clone your disk while still letting you use your computer, which can be convenient. When I upgraded from my nearly full 160gb drive to a 640, it took about 2 hours
  8. Benefits to Partitioning: Safety: separate partitions will act like separate physical discs. If your OS ever craps out(if you have an operating system installed on it) you can format just the OS partition, and everything else is fine. also, some legacy operating systems cannot see large harddrives. Cons to partitioning: it is harder to change partition sizes Benefits to folders: simple to do, easy to manage, and you dont have to worry about sizing too. Usually with my external drive, I have a NTFS and FAT partition, since I can hold larger files on the NTFS partition, but in case I move it to a computer that doesn't have ntfs drivers, I still have access to the FAT partition
  9. That's actually what i've been working on! 24v, chain driven with 15x3" wheels on the back, 15x1.25" wheelchair wheels on the front. I put actual lamps in the lights on the roll bar that are bright enough to turn night into day. powering it is a 500w electric scooter motor, and one of the stock motors/transmissions are hooked up to steering. I put a key switch from an old lawnmower in the dash which turns the radio receiver on and off. It is controlled by a 2.4GHz 3 channel radio, which gives me throttle, steering, and the ability to remotely turn the headlights on and off. If you really want to do a conversion, LMK and I'll help you out.
  10. lol. Mabye you should report that to yahoo... Also, that link tool, does that work on any site? Where might I find it?
  11. I forget the name of the program, but there is one that loads a malicious DLL file that lets you start a program(like cmd.exe) by bypassing the group policy. With those hints, you should be able to find what you need.
  12. WARNING: wall of text. if you don't want to read, this sums it up in about 12 seconds: http://xkcd.com/438/ Fanboys will be fanboys. I don't care, as long as they do it somewhere else. As for me, I use all three of the trifecta in my home. I have a macbook unibody that has 7 and OSX, and I have 2 servers, one ubuntu and one win2k3. I like osx because it gives me far better battery life than while booted into 7, and when I have to use the trackpad(multi-touch support sucks for windows). It also runs adobe cs5 beautifully. Windows 7 is great when I wanna play some games and do some 3D modeling, since nvidia's drivers kick the pants off of apple's video drivers. The ubuntu server hosts my website and other services like vnc and ssh, so that I don't have to be trapped behind my school's webfilter. The windows server just runs utorrent 24/7, with a webUI set up, as well as Remote Desktop Connection, in case I run into problems with ssh/vnc. I'm a believer of the right tool for the job, but that doesn't stop me from jabbing at the OSes from time to time. Not as one of those people who go from door to door trying to get you to convert to their religion, but in a "been there, done that" kind of way. Anyways, point im trying to make is that even though you get to hide yourself behind a keyboard and a computer screen, and theoretically thousands of miles, its still a real person on the other end. if it's something you wouldn't say to someone in person, don't type it here either. Or if it happens to you, laugh it off and stop reading it.
  13. yeah, when i dealt on the other forms I always made sure I used paypal. There are other things that you can do to make it easier to thwart con-artists. If you take pictures of your item for sale, write on a piece of paper your username and the date of the shot, and include it in the picture. If it is something big, I wouldn't go for the deal unless I could send half up front, and half once the package arrives. and of course, never buy from someone if they cannot provide you pictures!
  14. I've been thinking, wouldn't it be a good idea to create a Trading Post in the Hak5 forums? I mean, I'm sure there's lots of gadgets, wifi devices and computer components that many people do not have the need for(like old computer memory once you upgrade to a larger capacity). I've seen other forums do this with huge success. Of course there is the issue of con-artists, etc. but the way I've seen other forums take care of that is by making a sticky as a disclaimer noting that the sale is the sole responsibility of the persons involved, and not the forum hosting it. In the state of this economy, a trading post would allow someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to get their hack on. If interested, sample guidelines could be found here: For Sale or Trade Forums Guidelines
  15. Coming from the electric RC-Car scene, if you want to power a laptop, or anything small for that matter, an easy solution is what we call a Battery elimination circuit. It is basically a switching DC-DC converter(switching=high efficiency) to convert a higher voltage(like power from the vehicle's main batteries) to a smaller voltage to power the radio receiver. A company called Castle Creations makes a BEC PRO, which is a $50 converter, that inputs from 4.8v to 50.4v(12x4.2v lithium polymer), and is has a programmable output from 4.8v to to 12.5v at up to 20 amps peak. not bad for a device that is 1.5" square, and would be able to power a netbook or similar setup just fine. http://www.castlecreations.com/products/ccbec.html
  16. Hey everybody. I've been a fan of hak5 since I started watching in the 4th season, but never actually joined the hak5 community until now. Anyways, I've been building computers for customers for about a year now(self-advertised pseudo-buisness). Since I'm only 17, I don't have alot of money, and therefore the only computers I've built I never got to keep(at least it's fun!). Now I document and take pictures of all the computers I build, but to be honest, on a website, or anywhere else, there is no merit to pictures of towers when they look like a machine you could buy from a big PC manufacturer. Then, while watching ep. 718, it hit me. I have to build a custom computer, with a custom case as well! Of course, to show that I can build quality pieces, I want it to be more elaborate than an acrylic base with standoffs. I know that I want to use an ATX size motherboard, and I will be using laptop hard drive(s) since they are alot nicer to work with than full size ones, and I have about a dozen lying around. If anybody has any ideas, feel free to post them! I most likely be using 1/4" thick clear polycarb, but dont think I'm limited to that. EDIT: so I started tinkering, and came up with this so far... It has a bottom base and the top base, separated my power supply which is 2.5 inches tall. The slanted piece is for looks mostly, as it isn't providing much support. Not sure If I want to enclose the top part or not, and depending on the integrity of this design, I may need to add two support beams , one in each corner. Any input would be appreciated.
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