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  1. Isnt gaining unauthorized access to a school computer a federal crime? Only way I can think of doing it without having that on your record would be to ask for an admin password
  2. Earlier today I was googling to find the address of Newegg's warehouse in Edison NJ when I found this link, and when I looked through, I thought to myself: I want to live here! Knowing that probably everybody here visits newegg daily, it would be cool to see inside the warehouse. http://www.anandtech.com/show/2531/1 SPOILER ALERT: The packing peanut ventilation system is the coolest thing ever!
  3. I recently just bought my first ever unlocked processor (intel core i7-875k) when I found it on ebay for cheaper than the locked version was on newegg. Although I doubt I will have a need to OC it, I would like to read up on the inner workings behind it. If anybody knows of any good reads, please post. The more in-depth the better!
  4. Well if you wanted to get serious about anti-spam, set up a telephone line, with a real person on the other end. have mabye 3 people, (1 per shift) since this forum does not often get alot of new users. Then during registration, the user must call a number and talk to a real person, who will then give you a code over the phone, that you must enter to complete registration. programmers are lazy, and wouldn't bother to do that for a forum that they would just spam and get banned on.
  5. As the title says, I'm looking for a water cooling system for my computer, which has an intel core i7 875k (LGA 1156). A corsair H50 would work fine, as I'm not looking to do ridiculous overclocking, I just need something that will let me design my custom case with the giant 120mm hole elsewhere. That being said, someone's old custom setup would work fine too, as long as it has a 120mm radiator. PM me with offers!
  6. I have a @mac.com email, but am in no way affiliated with apple. Apple has a premium service that used to be called .mac. It gives you email, online storage that mounts in finder and windows explorer, and syncs all your mac settings, contacts, saved passwords, dashboard widgets, bookmarks, etc... When it was .mac, the email addresses were email@mac.com. With the addition of the iphone in all of this, it was changed to MobileMe. All existing users got to keep their mac.com name, and also get a me.com address, where as all new users get a me.com address only. So basically, there's no way to get a new mac.com address anymore
  7. As far as I know, no. Wifi drivers too restrictive.
  8. This should make your looking a bit easier http://hackaday.com/2010/02/18/the-uber-eeepc/ also, in regards to the space, nlite will let you take out whatever you don't want from an XP install cd
  9. Sweet! Thanks for posting this... but why make it harder for yourself to win??
  10. those eee pc's are quite roomy inside. Get a 16GB or larger flash drive, rip the casing off of it, desolder the usb part of it and solder the drive directly to the pins of one of the eee pc's ports. You loose one of your usb ports, but the good news is that it supports usb boot! or you can give it to me...
  11. Done. http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=17290
  12. 3 speed controllers in stock I have some Victor 884 Speed Controllers here for sale. These are made by the company IFI Robotics ( IFIrobotics.com ) and are the perfect controllers for all of your robotic needs. SPECS: These controllers have an input voltage range specified at 6v to 16v, however the internal components are rated to 25v. I have used some with a 24v input voltage with no problems whatsoever. Output voltage is 12v, and constant current is rated for 40 amps at 12v. You can use a standard computer jumper to set the controller from brake mode to coast mode. For those who don't know, if you have a motor spinning at full speed, and set it to neutral while on brake mode, the controller will actively stop the motors movement. This provides a method of braking, and can stop your robot incredibly fast. I've used these to stop a 500lb robot moving at 15 feet/sec in as little as 3 feet. The downsides to motor brakes are that it uses more power(which equals less battery runtime) and depending on the motor and your robot, it could potentially be damaging to your drivetrain. Coast mode, which is the default configuration with no jumper installed, means that it will coast to a stop when there is a neutral signal. The controller checks for brake settings 60 times a second, so you can even control it by remotely opening and closing the circuit. These controllers are also able to be calibrated, to ensure that in a project with more than one motor and speed controller, you will not have motors "fighting each other" PROGRAMMING: These are robotic speed controllers that use PWM to control, and are 100% Arduino compatible. You can use AnalogWrite(reccomended), or even just open up one of the servo examples. 255 is full speed forward, 0 is full speed reverse, and 127 is neutral/stop. Note, if using 2 controllers, one for each side of a robot, one of the motors have to spin in reverse to make the robot move foward. To slowly ramp up to a desired speed, use a for loop that will add 1-5 to a value. inside that loop, just have analogWrite(leftMotor,127 + forValue) and analogWrite(rightmotor,127 - forValue) MY REVIEW: I have used these in projects of all sorts of sizes, and have never found a need for a better controller. I've used them to power 280 sized motors in small RC vehicles, to a full sized remote controlled twin bed, with an all steel frame and capable of carrying two high school students while still reaching speeds of 15 feet/sec. Their durability and efficiency is unmatched in the world of robot motor controllers, and here I am letting go of some of my extras. PRICE: $40 shipped to upper 48 states. If you live in another country, AK, HI, or PR, feel free to PM me so we can work out a deal. I will be willing to do a partial or full trade for 240-pin DDR3 1333 desktop memory, if you have any extra modules lying around. PICTURES:
  13. These are just a suggestion of things that I have seen at other trading posts, things that help keep this place easy for customers to find what they want, and easier for sellers to sell what they want. 1. Titling your post: In order for a customer to find what they're looking for quickly and easily, they should be able to tell from the title if you are looking to buy or have an item to sell/trade, and exactly what it is, before clicking on your post for details. A page that says "eovnu87435ds's sale page" doesn't help a user, but one that says nVidia GeForce 9400 does. If your post includes multiple items, try to make it as descriptive as possible. Also, in the beginning of your title, use one of the abbreviations, which will tell people what kind of offer your post consists of. WTB- Wanted to buy FS- For sale FT- For trade only FS/FT- for sale/trade WTT- wanted to trade So here would be some examples: WTB: Intel processor, LGA 1156 socket FS: nVidia GeForce 9400 WTT: [desired item] for [your item] FT: [your item] for [desired item] 2. Creating your ad Golden Rule of Selling: Good Grammar. If grammar is not your friend, bullet points. Threads that sound like "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like" will NOT be successful when creating your ad, be sure to include information about the item, such as age, condition, warranty validity, etc. Do not copy/paste the product description off of another website, as potential buyers should know what they're looking at already if they are thinking of buying it. Be sure to include pictures at the bottom of your post, and keep them 800x600 or smaller, or as attachments, so that it doesn't break page width. Pricing can be listed, or you can ask for an offer. If you are brave, you can also choose to post your phone number and email. If you are smart, you would have your forum options set up so that you receive email notification of new PM's 3. Posting in a thread For those who are familiar with forums, you notice that when a thread gets a new reply, it moves to the top of the board. This can lead to a whole world of annoyance, as some people will post nonsense in their own threads every 5 minutes to put them to the top. This method is called bumping. To stop spamming of useless posts, but to allow old posts to fall to the end of the list, each thread is allowed 1 bump per 24 hour period. Also, please do not post in another person't thread for the sole purpose of bumping. Posting replies should be for questions and answers about the listed item. Please do not post YGPM or you got a PM. the forum will already notify the user for you. 4. The offer/sale All offers should be made via PM only. This way, the only replies in the thread are helpful to the customer, except for the daily bump. OWNERS: for the convenience of the listing, if you are in a negotiation with someone, edit your listing, and on the very first line, print in bold in negotiation with [user] if the deal falls through for some reason or another, you can delete that line. 5. sold! Once your item is sold, please edit your listing, delete all the text, and just put SOLD in the post. This way a user doesn't have to read through to the end of a page of replies to see if the item is sold or not. If you have multiple items, just put at the top of the post which item(s) are sold. If you posted a WTB post, and you got your offer, delete everything in your post and type OFFER CLOSED These simple guidelines will help keep the trading post clean and friendly!
  14. my first gen eee pc 701 was purchased 3/17/2008, and currently runs for 4 hours. The newer ones are more efficient and use lithium polymer batteries instead of li-ion which mine has. On the website, the eee pc S101, which is their slimmest netbook is specced at 5.4 hrs with XP, while the 1001PX clocks in at 9+ hrs. Of course, if you are into hacking, you can pick up some of your own lithium polymer backs and wire them up to create a super cheap and incredibly long lasting netbook. I did this for a friend's laptop that had a 1.5hr runtime, and with a 5000mAh battery, got him to 4 hours. This battery, while overkill(100A constant discharge rate), is only $20, and with some wiring know-how will let a netbook run for days! http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_vi...?idProduct=9172
  15. If people weren't so gullible then AOL would be out of business!
  16. I recently went to a class to support my local hackerspace called Arduino Boot Camp. It was hosted by the man who has created most of the drivers and libraries, and is developing the newest Arduino platforms too. Anyways, they gave out a cheat sheet, which was a piece of 8.5x11" cardstock printed on both sides. it consists of nearly everything you need to help you build the circuits you need to, breadboarding out any processor, to code examples, to nearly everything in the reference section of arduino.cc. Neither I nor FUBAR Labs take credit for creating these sheets, I am just posting them here for the world to see! This is a must have for beginners and veterans alike! (its a 34MB zip file consisting of 2 pdf files, since I have 7% battery left and didn't want to waste that time ) https://files.me.com/eovnu87435ds/930q83
  17. sorry, most of the views were from me... I had a problem with my phone's browser not saving cookies so each time I tried to post I was logged out. anyways, here it finally is:
  18. I applaud these hacks, as it is a perfect example as to why people program in the first place: because we're lazy, yet smart enough to take a little bit extra time to make something else do the boring work for us!
  19. ill have to try these! I was tempted to post on the arduino forums, but that would mean I'd have to sign up for yet another forum. I knew that with development on the rubber ducky here would mean that there are some arduino-savvy people who could help me.
  20. Hey, I am thinking of using my Picoduino for a project of mine, which involves channel mixing. I have a 2.4GHz radio for R/C cars, which uses PWM as it's output. since it is technically a digital output, is there any way to input it into the arduino and then map it to 0-255? What I hope to do is a kind of exponential relationship between channel 1 and 2, like the higher the value is on channel 1, the smaller the mapping is for channel 2. The math won't be hard to figure out, I just need some help as to how I can do this... Link to Picoduino if anybody is unfamiliar
  21. If you made it onto lifehacker, then you got it made! As for the proxy mentioned above, mabye you would want to link to a proxy that is on a different page, since A. If you are using a proxy, you would want to see your whole page in its own window or tab, not in a tab like the other features are, and B. schools and workplaces that have webfilters often block proxies, since it offers a way to bypass their features. This way if that happens, users can still use the rest of your tools. as for a GUI layout, look at igoogle.com, and how it has it's web widgets. if you can reformat yours like that, and even have a button that expands one widget to a larger size, overlaying the other ones, it could definitely become many, many more people's favorite site. Speaking of google, you could create some google search boxes that work as shortcuts for some of the more advanced search tools google has to offer, like its synonym search PS: if you happen to track your website with google analytics, i'd love to see what happened at the time it was posted on lifehacker
  22. hopefully if the Hak5 team likes the idea of the forum marketplace, it could bring more people to the forums, who then may post more in the non-marketplace forums as well. Ideas move pretty fast when Darren announces a new project, like the usb rubber ducky
  23. Safari 5, since it is the most reliable IMO. And no other browser compares to how fast it runs html5 websites. Since it is based on WebKit, it scores 100/100 on the Acid3 Test for following web standards, meaning it is the most compatible. According to the test, The gecko engine scores a 94 with firefox 3.6.8 and a 97 with firefox 4.0b3pre. KHTML/Konqueror scores an 89 with 4.4.5 and Trident/IE8 scores 20/100. IE9 preview does score an 83 though. No, I am not an iPhone user nor am I an apple fanboy, I just use what works. I used to use firefox whenever I needed to change settings on my routers, as Safari used to not be able to do that correctly, but since that has been fixed, I now just use firefox when I want to play around with stumbleupon
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