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  1. Here are the results I found: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 AV: Windows Defender/Malwarebytes Chrome Ver. 6.0.472.63 Firefox Ver. 3.6.10 Everything seems to work fine except for the Firefox and Chrome PW dump. The logs for them turn up empty. Both AV programs warn me about the applications included in PyBlade. When I turned off my AV, bex.exe reported an error, and here was the included log: Traceback (most recent call last): File "bex.pyw", line 52, in <module> WindowsError: [Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified: 'C:\\logs\\EPIC_21-28' Traceback (most recent call last): File "bex.pyw", line 52, in <module> WindowsError: [Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified: 'C:\\logs\\EPIC_21-28' Traceback (most recent call last): File "bex.pyw", line 52, in <module> WindowsError: [Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified: 'C:\\logs\\EPIC_21-28' Just to check, I downloaded the standalone versions of PasswordFox and ChromePass from Nirsoft, and both of them found my saved passwords. For PasswordFox to find my passwords, however, I needed to manually specify the installation of Firefox (C:/Program Files(x86)/Mozilla Firefox/)
  2. So I have 3 logitech usb microphones that I have gotten from various music rhythm games, and absolutely nothing to do with them. Does anybody have any ideas of something cool I could do with them?
  3. This is today's XKCD comic, and I have to say, not only was it brilliant, but it is something that all of us here can probably relate to. Source: http://xkcd.com/806/
  4. I recently bought the i7875k for my machine, and I have to say, it has been treating me very well. That being said, I am upgrading from a pentium dual core, and there are no other computers available for me to compare mine to, but it is pretty fast! Also, I don't plan on upgrading for another 4-5 years, so upgradeability didn't really bother me
  5. I dont have any experience, and if noone answers, try posting this as a viewer challenge for thr ben heck show The Ben Heck Show For those of you who don't know him, he's the guy who built the supet awesome xbox 360 and ps3 laptops, and his show is all about making cool stuff. (ep 1 was a one-handed xbox 360 controller, and Ep 2 was building a portable cnc machine)
  6. What a geek lol! I can picture it now... "hold on doctor, i need to post this picture of my accident on twitter. What do you mean I cant have my cell phone on in here??? That's absurd!" Anyways, if you read this Darren, feel better dude
  7. thats pretty neat. what are you gonna do with em?
  8. And not to leave the linux users behind, open up a terminal, and enter these commands: $ aptitude moo $ aptitude -v moo $ aptitude -vv moo Keep adding v's until you beat the system! SPOILER: click this link:Picture of result
  9. Also, microsoft sam on windows XP/2003 does some weird stuff too. go to control panel > speech type the word "enjoy" and press play. then delete it, type the word "the" and press play. now type "enjoy the" and press play. WTF? also, type in crotch, and sam says crow's nest. Open notepad type only this: bush hid the facts save, close notepad. open the file you just saved. the text has changed!
  10. For those of you wit macs, open up Applescript Editor (or just Script Editor if you are running 10.5 or earlier) and define a variable with more than 251 characters. something like this set sdfkudgfjksgksdfgjshdfgyub to "this text" hit compile and look at the error it gives you!
  11. I've been looking at that BB Playbook, and it is pretty cool. But I also heard that by Q1 2011, HP/Palm will have their own tablet out running WebOS. Man will this be a tough one for me...
  12. Earlier today I was looking at Alienware Laptops. I can't afford alienware laptops. But I liked the AlienFX feature. For those of you who don't know, they have LEDs in the vent holes and in the display and in the keyboard, and from a program on the computer, you can change the color to anything in the rgb spectrum. Too bad I will never be able to afford their colorful laptop, but I have been brainstorming on how I can create the same thing for my eee pc. I decided on using an Arduino Pro Mini, 3 pots and 4 buttons for controls, 15x 5mm RGB leds and 10x 5x5mm RGB SMD Leds, which will end up being a maximum of 300mA a channel. The problem is that the Arduino can only output 40mA per channel. So the question is, how do I go about wiring this all up? I assume in parallel, but besides that, I'm not sure what else I need. PS: the led's can be found here: Super Bright LEDs The two I am using are the RL5-RGB and the 5050-RGB
  13. That's ok, WebOS is BusyBox with Palm's UI, and it is very easy to package existing linux applications to make them installable via GUI. If there was a slate with WebOS and a functioning pentesting suite from BT4, the multitasking abilities alone would make it an excellent platform
  14. I recently bought the following: Asus p7p55-lx LGA1156 mobo with crossfire support Intel core i7-875k unlocked processor 2x2GB ddr3 1333 memory (will be upgrading to 12GB when I get the money) Corsair 750W power supply Corsair H50 water-cooling kit And this is next on the list for my computer: 2x ATI Radeon HD 5870 Various blue cold cathodes/LEDs Acrylic glue(for the case I am building) M3x10mm screws half inch standoffs. This is what I bought for clients, so I dont know if it counts. Belkin expresscard wireless n adapter WD 750gb 2.5" laptop hard drive left and right clutch hinge for a the 17" macbook pro (older non-unibody model)
  15. closest is about 80 miles away, so I was hoping that someone here knew a thing or 2 and would save me a trip. attached is a picture
  16. when we had our house built next to a high crime area, we decided to use higher security locks. Our friend who was a locksmith hooked us up with commercial BEST access locks in all our doors. He has since closed his business due to the economy. +We just lost one of the keys and need to find key blanks to give to home depot so that they can cut a copy. The problem is, we have no info about the locks or keys, and everywhere we looked in store or online does not have anything that looks like my keys. If I post a scanned image of the key, can anybody help me ID it?
  17. when you send the email, be sure to include a link to this thread. I also think it'd be pretty cool. And much heaper than a service like ADT or Sloman Shield
  18. I acquired a dell precision 390 yesterday and it has a pentium 4 prescott processor, which is socket LGA 775. Im looking for a processor that you may no longer need. I'd prefer a Core 2 duo or newer, but I will still entertain all offers.
  19. old power supplies are chock full of components. Just be sure you haven't plugged it in for a while. A friend of mine just electrocuted himself on a 400watt server psu and he lost feeling in his arm for 2 days, as well as getting a crusty burn patch on his finger. old electronics have alot of stuff too. I got about 300 resistors off a really old sound card(idk how old it is, but the system requirements were 512KB ram and DOS 2.0). as long as it's before the age of surface mount electronics you should be fine.
  20. Also, for usb booting you need to format your flashdrive with apple partition map instead of master boot record. Then it will be bootable from a mac, but not a pc @okiwan: nice save dude
  21. Backtrack 4 can be configured in dual-boot on a mac, but you cannot put a mac's wifi card in monitor mode. You wil need a usb card in order to do pqcket injection. I currently have os x, win7 ultimate and ubuntu 10.04 LTS all on my macbook
  22. There are a few hackerspaces in philly. Hive76 is the first that comes to mind. This sounds pretty cool, so let me know if you finalize a place and time
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