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  1. Does anybody know of some tools that can be used to decrypt an encrypted Adobe PDF file? According to acrobat, the Security method is Document Open Password Security with 128-bit AES encryption. I could've sworn somewhere I read the BackTrack4 includes a tool that can help with this, but I can't find that article, nor do I have a BT4 iso at the very moment. If it helps, I have attached a sample file of what would need to be decrypted. The password for it is 2011DecryptTest. http://ge.tt/39GDd9C
  2. OK, so now I am 100% sure comcrap is full of s**t. it was about a month ago that we were suspended, and this month, we got the comcrap bill, AND WE WERE STILL BEING BILLED FOR INTERNET! After calling them up, they then said that we had used 1000 GB of bandwidth each month(yes, 1 TB), which is quite an increase from the last time. In addition, they said that they turned our internet back on as soon as we got off the phone with them the first time. Mind you, we had to wait a week for Verizon to hook us up with DSL(of which they had to send out a technician since when the comcast guy came and installed triple play, not only did he disconnect all of verizon's phone lines from the house to the outside, but he also snipped them so short that it was impossible to crimp anything. I had to come out with the weller! Mind you, you don't have to disconnect the phone line from the outside for comcast to work, so the guy just did it to make it a pain to ever switch back.) so we tried for a week to use the unusable comcrap internet, and lo and behold, it didn't work. Bottom line, comcast can go suck one, I can't wait until we can get FIOS and be done with them for good.
  3. I don't see why not... Although you would need to find a pinout for the game cart, then find a way to interface with it via USB, and hope that there isn't anything that disallows writing after manufacture. If you're looking to load custom roms, I would look no further than an R4DS. a micro SD card is much simpler to work with. If you do go the hard route, then you better post some pics!
  4. Hey, I am looking to buy myself an android powered tablet this winter, something in the 7-10" range and less than $400. storage isn't much of an issue for me since SD cards are cheap, and I already have a 64gb iTouch loaded with all my music. I'm basically looking for something that will allow me to watch my IPTV shows as well as my tv shows and videos I download. It'll also be used for web browsing as well, and I might just want to play angry birds on it as well. That, and I've tinkered alot with Palm WebOS and jailbroken iOS, and I definitely want to be able to do the same with the tablet I will buy, so as long as it is root-able, I should be happy. Some other thoughts are that I am looking for something that will be a prime candidate for getting an update to 2.3 and/or 3.0 when they're released. My prime candidate so far is the Archos 101 8gb. Can anybody recommend it? Or should I be looking at a different tablet?
  5. Holy S**t thats an impressive library! Let's just hope the MPAA doesn't read your post :D
  6. Nicely done! one thing I would do is remove the lolspam_prefix. Once the spammaster realizes that his list is filled with a thousand emails that all start with something, it would be very easy to delete them and continue. Also, I would make it never ending, like how it is done here. this way, once a bot crawls your link, it is stuck on that one page, where it could potentially suck up hundreds of thousands of fake emails in just a minute's time
  7. That's what I was told over the phone. They wouldn't send me any tangible reports, so all I have to go on is the representative's word. My demonoid records are 850GB up and 120GB down, and that's been for over a year of membership
  8. That will actually work out great! If you could PM me your email, I will email you the questions in a few days. You can take your time answering them, I don't need any answers for almost a month. I just need to do everything through email because I need to print it out for citation purposes. Thanks for offering your help!
  9. FUBAR Labs, Located just outside of Rutgers New Brunswick, is a hackerspace that has open hack thursdays, where you can go there without a membership. It's a little small though. It could probably fit about 20 or so people comfortably. One of the good things is that one of the founders of the hackerspace is also one of the largest contributors to the arduino community, and they are always willing to help someone out with an arduino project. Also, it has it's own parking lot, so parking will not be a problem either. I'm sure they probably won't mind if we all show up on a thursday night, but I think they would also like it if everybody would chip in like $10 or something to help out with the utilities http://fubarlabs.com/ http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/FUBAR_Labs
  10. Hey, does anybody here work with anything that deals with piracy or file sharing? For instance, working on a torrent website, developing for a bittorrent program, Anti-piracy organizations, or even an anti-piracy department for an ISP. For a research paper I am working on, I need to conduct a simple email interview, with only 7-10 questions. If you do, please reply or PM me!
  11. well then they shouldn't tease me with those sort of speeds and not expect me to use it! Seriously? Who needs 22 down 12 up for facebook and email? A 300kb page will not load noticibly with a 22 down compared to a 4 down
  12. Apparently after being on the phone all day today, we used between 400-450GB every month since august. But thats because we started doing everything through the internet. Everybody in the house only watches tv and movies via the computer and the internet and videochat a combined total of about an hour a day. On top of that, I run a ftp server so I can access all my home files, from anywhere, which I do regularly. I do torrent, but not a whole lot. I also remote desktop in often, especially when someone at home is having an issue. I do use gotoassist, but for home, I already have admin rights on all the computers, so this way I do not have to worry about their permission, etc. The biggest use is probably the distribution of the newest music for DJing. Basically, DJ's pay for a service in which they are able to download the newest music each month. So basically, I was using my average of 22mbps down and 12mbps up to its fullest, nearly all the time, all month long.
  13. since we're on the topic of feature requests, I believe Tapatalk is now compatible with IP Board, so it should be usable on this forum!
  14. I came home yesterday to find that I had no internet. Everything seemed to be in perfect order in my end, so I called up Comcast. When I asked why I had no internet, they did some tests and then said that my internet account was suspended! When I asked why, they said I used it too much. WTF?!? Nowhere on the plan page does Comcast state anything about a usage cap, and the representative on the phone had clearly stated it was for "unlimited usage." Apparently it is hidden in Comcast's Acceptable Use Policy, which states that users should not transfer more that 250GB a month(combined total of download and upload). Any more than 250GB, and Comcast will call and send a letter via snail mail. If you surpass 250GB again with 6 months, they will suspend your service. For us, however, we received no letter, and no phone call. Not even an email. So now we got shafted and stuck with no internet until Verizon can set up a DSL line. Take this as a warning, Comcast has some sneaky s**t going on, watch them carefully.
  15. What store do you go to? All I have near me is best buy, p.c. richards & sons, wal-mart, target, and radioshack. And they all don't sell s**t! By the way, I wish radioshack would stop trying to sell cell phones and horrible laptops, and went back to when they had lots of electronics, like how element-14 is.
  16. I live in the armpit of the USA. New Jersey. Not too far west of the infamous Jersey Shore. I was really surprised to see a lot of Aussies on here. I have to say, I took a trip down under for 2 weeks in the summer(relative to the northern hemisphere) of 04, and it was pretty awesome!
  17. So earlier this evening I was wondering, I've bought tons and tons of stuff through newegg, and so I decided to see how much I have actually spent there. To find this out, log in, and click the My account button next to your cart at the top right of the page. On the left side of the following page, click order history, and then at the list that shows up, click show all to see everything. then open up your calc app, and add it all up. My total came to $2316.56 USD since March 17, 2008
  18. I thought so... It's more like "here's how x works. now that you know how x works, go do task y," right? Basically, once you are taught the skill, you have to do an exercise that will use that skill, along with others you have learned already in order to accomplish it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  19. When I first found out about this whole Offensive Information Security, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world to actually be payed to do something as fun as finding flaws and exploits in a network environment. I've always wanted to take one of the classes offered by Offensive Security, but there were always a few things that stood in my way. First it was the money. $750 is a lot of money to throw at an online course that I want to take in my leisure time. Then, of course, school started up, which sucked up alot of my time, and I was in need for a new computer so most of my money went towards that. With my computer nearly done and winter break soon approaching, I am thinking of taking the plunge and signing up for the pentesting with backtrack 3.0 course, so that I can at least have the majority of it done by the time school starts back up. So before I decide to commit, I am trying to conduct a bit of research to see if it's really worth it. Has anyone here ever taken the course? If so, do you think it was worth it? Also, I'm a bit skeptical about this "Offensive Security Certified Professional" certificate. In the real world, how much merit is it actually worth? FWIW I'm majoring in Computer Engineering, which is a major that involves programming as much as it involves the hardware perspective of computers and embedded systems. I'm able to pick things up really quickly, so I do alot of technical and electronics-oriented stuff too(arduino, FIRST robotics competitions, graphic arts, technical theater and party DJing/lighting, with a little bit of web design)
  20. The easiest way is to acquire a USB cd drive. you can actually boot off of them. I have 2 flash drives, one with windows 7 32-bit RTM(all editions) and another that is 64-bit. they were also pretty easy to make. I dont know how much of an option it is, but you can always try out eeebuntu(a linux distro designed specifically for netbooks) edit: here is the tutorial I used for windows 7
  21. If you're sticking with AT&Terrible, I would consider the Pre Plus as well. I've had my Pre for a year now and I have to say, I love it. I love it so much that even when I see all these new VZ phones on the TV, not once have I been envious. It took me a week to get to like it because of how different it is, but soon after that I found everything I was doing on my pre would just flow. The only downside is that every iphone/ipod I pick up now, I start swiping my fingers along the bottom of the phone to the left and right of the home button, and then wondering why nothing happened! I do have to give the iphone 4 props for it's super-crisp display. PS If you're looking to jump carriers, sprint is the only carrier of the big 3 to not use a tiered data pricing plan. I don't know how long that will last, but if you use a decent amount of data a month, Sprint's plans will save you a boatload of cash. Also, look out for the Palm Pre 2, coming to verizon(and possibly other US carriers) this november!
  22. hmm, these all sound like good ideas. I was thinking of the triangulation idea, but I don't know what practical purpose I could use it for. Too bad my neighbors wouldn't be of too much use for this project. the one house next to me has been bank owned and vacant for the past year(the bank doesn't have it listed on the market) and my other neighbor is single, middle aged, no pets, and is rarely home. BTW the microphones are all Logitech m/n e-ur20 microphones. They are pretty generic, and seem to fit in a large sized mic holder(like the ones designed for cordless microphones)
  23. I do, just not in a computer, lol. I use them with an ETC Express 48/96 Light board. Bought in 2001, this thing has 16 bit faders, 192 channels, and 1024 DMX outputs. What's more, the entire system, including light patching, 600 cues and 500 groups, can all be saved to a 1.44mb floppy disk via it's built in floppy drive! BTW you don't know how hard it is to find more floppy disks for it nowadays lol
  24. If it helps, here are some scripts I found a while ago to easily escalate windows privileges(at least in XP, as far as I have tested). I used it to allow my (under) privileged account at school to run a batch file that installed Portal on one of the autoCAD boxes in school :D It consists of 3 scripts to elevate the current process to one ran as Admin or even PowerUser(Windows equivalent of root). I don't know if it'll be of any use, but here it is anyways. http://www.filedude.com/download/RVSJ3rYkIR3c55e742fe Side Note: Why can't we upload zip files via the the forum attachments?
  25. I just realized it was some sort of weird thing that happened with my flash drive when I turned off the AV, since my flashdrive was E, and bex.exe was running from it. I found out later I couldn't save files to it either. Once I unplugged it and plugged it back in, it all worked fine again.
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