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  1. not sure yet... I normally take a trip to the apple store every week or so, talking tech and stuff with some of the geniuses, in effort to get my foot in the door for a job position. I should bring it next time I go.
  2. I have a similar experience, almost every single day. I'll be working on something, put it down to pick up a different tool, and about minute later I'll go to pick up the first thing, and I can't find it. Then I go nuts looking for it, and its sitting on the workbench right in front of me.
  3. that looks quite nice, very professionally done. Ive been thinking of putting a 4-5" lcd screen in the case and use it to show information about temperatures, fan speeds, wattage, etc.
  4. My bad, I thought that link was a public link. I'm making the photos available here as well: http://gallery.me.com/eovnu87435ds#100215
  5. So does anybody here play Modern Warfare 2? I used to use the steam version online, but now I use alterIWnet, which is an alternative server setup for modern warfare 2, which gives you matchmaking on non-activision servers, as well as a good ol' server list! If you do play, post your username here! If not, just check out http://alteriw.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=24 I'd love to meet up online with some of the hak5 community on mw2 sometime
  6. So I made my first real PC case mod, so I thought I'd show it to you all! I took a PowerMac G3 tower, and modified it to fit something a bit more powerful than what was originally in there. Pics are here, please tell me what you think, and what I can do to make it even better! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2083828&id=1050844701&l=da7c80bdc4
  7. That's what I normally do. When mapping a drive or a printer, I use different credentials and log in with thep4's local account. Now when I click map, instead of prompting me for a user and pass, that error pops up EDIT: here's a video recording of the issue. it's a bit choppy because it was done through remote desktop, and my internet connection is not the greatest... http://ge.tt/5J8kpZr
  8. I hate those a-holes who do nothing but run around with the knife in Modern Warfare 2/AlterIWnet online. I call them running knifers and not only do they piss me off, but they also destroy the entire aspect of the game. It isn't supposed to be halo, its a strategic game!
  9. I tried removing and remapping, and thats where I get the error shown in the OP. I have yet to un share everything since it is in the attic, but I should try that. This sharing is home sharing, using the MS workgroup crap instead of a domain since it works just fine for half a dozen computers. I'll let you know the results of un/re-sharing as soon as I can do it.
  10. Yeah, when I shared my folders, I did it via "Advanced Sharing Options," and I did give full permission to Everyone. It all worked until I put in the wrong password for connecting to the shared printer, and bam. I cant connect, nor can I change the password. it may possibly be because the Everyone group does not allow Anonymous users, but I am not sure...
  11. Oh yeah, My other computers can connect to the p4 machine fine, and I've tried the usual techniques of restarting, etc.
  12. It's been 3 days now that I cannot access my samba shares on my network drives, and it's all because I accidentally entered a wrong password... I have 2 Win7 boxes on my network. My epic computer which just got a fresh reinstall, and an old p4 based comp with all my spare hard drives in it. Both are ultimate edition, but my epic computer is x64 and the p4 is x86. All of the drives in the p4 computer are shared with my workgroup(I don't use that home sharing crap because I have older windows machines as well as non-windows machines that connect as well) All worked fine with my 4 shares that I had mapped in My Computer. Today, I went to go add the USB printer I shared on it to my epic computer, it asked for the User/Pass of the p4 machine, when I accidentally typed it wrong. I got this error, which is quite normal. After getting this, I think to myself that I will just re enter the correct password. WRONG! instead, I can no longer get the User/Pass dialog to show up! Every time I click on a share, on that computer in the network, try to add a printer, click it in the browse network dialog, etc. that same pop up appears, and I have no opportunity to enter a new password! This is driving me absolutely insane! Can someone please help me before I destroy something? This is the most irritating bug have ever seen! On a side note, even though I've been using 7 since the release candidate was out, I still wish windows had an option to make everything like it was in XP/2000, but still have aero and DX11.
  13. Since alot of people here are geeks like me, I thought it'd be cool to post up this year's game for the First Robotics Competition. FRC is a competition where high school teams around the world are given a game in the beginning of January, and 6 weeks to design, build, and program a robot to compete in that game. The only things we are given are some parts that we could use to build a basic chassis, some motors and electronics, and a CompactRIO FGPA controller. And a rulebook. The rest is up to each team to decide. Here is the animation for this year's game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSc8FWfJQlU And here is a link to the press release where Dean Kamen(founder of F.I.R.S.T. and renown inventer of 440 patents, including the Segway) and will.i.am. from the Black Eyed Peas release this year's game. "LOGO MOTION™" Game Revealed by Dean Kamen and will.i.am to 50,000 High-School Students at 2011 FIRST® Robotics Competition Kickoff Also, I think it would be pretty awesome if the Hak5 team decides to go out to some of the competitions in March-April. There will be local ones in every state and the International Championships are held in St. Louis, Missouri. Of course, if you would rather visit my team instead, we'll be at the Chesapeake Regional(3/17-3/19) in Baltimore, MD and the Philadelphia Regional(4/7-4/9) in Philadelphia PA :) edit: on a side note, does the forum not let you use caps in a thread title? I tried to make F.I.R.S.T. but it seems like it changed it to lower for me...
  14. I have the Archos 101 android tablet, and it is a nice device. Granted, it isn't as stable as iOS, so If you are looking for straight up dependability, go with the iPad. Do you plan on carrying a bluetooth keyboard with you for note taking as well? If not, then an android tab is something to consider since you can get different/better soft keyboards. I don't know of any tablets that the swype beta supports yet, but there are still other alternatives. one awesome benefit of the archos is it's USB host and HDMI out; I've used both and they have saved me when I didn't have a laptop around. I can pop a flashdrive into it and copy files to and from quickly, and when I need to present some pictures, sketches, or videos to people, I just pop it right into a TV or projector. One unrelated downside to my tablet. About 6 times a day I get asked by some technological illiterate person "Is that an iPad???" after they've been staring at me for a good minute or so. Really? do they look at all alike??
  15. Hey, does anybody who happens to live in the NJ/PA/DE area happen to have a CNC (or even a manual one) router/mill who'd be willing to help out a non-profit? I'm the president of a high school robotics team that is entered in the F.I.R.S.T.(For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition. We had bought a bridgeport hand mill, but the school refuses to allow an electrician to put in the power line needed, even if we were to pay for the electrician ourselves. We were hoping to be able to use it so that we could create strong, yet lightweight components, but unfortunately, we cannot now. If anybody would be willing to give us discounted rates, or even donate some machine time to us, we would greatly appreciate it. We aren't looking for anything intricate; just cutting holes in 1/8" 8081 aluminum plate(our largest size would be about 40"x9"), and somewhere between 4 and 8 plates. We can provide CAD files, and we even have people who are familiar with CNC mills.
  16. Does anybody know where I can find a QR code scanner that can read horizontally flipped QR codes? I only have a front-facing camera, and everything is flipped. Does such an app exist? and if not, is someone here savvy enough to create such an app?
  17. If you're gonna do something to the punk, try and screencast it LOL!
  18. I never looked into it myself, but if you do find a way, i think it would be a bit more fun to have it say that you agree to the Terms and Conditions and have that linked to the page saying how you can break his OS. it has an even smaller chance of your target reading it, which translates into more of a chance for you to have fun. Some googling brought me to this: http://nocat.net/ and this http://www.publicip.net/. Apparently dd-wrt and open-wrt have it built in with wifidog. DD-WRT says that it supports the 411 and the 511 is a work in progress, so no guarantees there. you can always use an extra computer with a wifi card(or even a VM with a dedicated wifi card like the alfa) and put router software on it. With a whole computer, it should be very easy! Have fun!!
  19. I have an old dBase computer in my closet. Manufactured in 1986. 23MB hard drive, and a 5.25" floppy drive. It sat for about 20 years, and just the other day I turned it on, just for fun, and it booted right up!
  20. I really wanted the streak if they had a larger version and in a wifi-only or CDMA version... I'm locked in with sprint(which has been treating me great!). Same for the galaxy tab. That, and every samsung device I've owned has turned to garbage within 9 months of purchase. Same for almost everybody I know. Between 8 people, I can account for 14 samsung devices that all died. It must be something in the air here... So I got an Archos 101 8GB a few days ago and I must say, its pretty awesome! Build quality is good, the screen is bright and crystal clear, and the whole thing runs silky smooth with Froyo. Battery lasts me all day with wifi on, app downloading, and lots of web browsing/instant messenging. Downsides- It doesnt originally come with the official android app market(easy to install), No rear facing camera(the front one flips everything horizontally so I can't use it for QR code scanning until I find an app that lets me scan mirrored codes), HDMI out is less than perfect yet, there are some apps that I cannot download because they don't support my screen resolution. If anybody is in the market for a tablet, I'll write up a full review!
  21. +1 for a honeypot/pineapple. Here's my idea: make a login page that appears for users outside of your MAC whitelist(like a guest login at a public hotspot) where the skiddy has to agree to the terms and conditions. then state in the terms and conditions that by agreeing to them, he agrees to let you access any information on his computer. nobody ever reads the terms, especially someone who thinks theyre uber l33t and all. Or if you ever find out the perp's name, just make your SSID named something like "Michael Im calling the cops!" Also, in my opinion, any kid who is popping WEP access points will probably never call the cops if you hack him back. His wrong-doing will probably scare him into not calling for fear that he will get in trouble too. You can also be indirect. I had my neighbor connect to my wifi before. and the dummy had a shared printer connected via USB. I knew his name, and i knew he was 16 with very religious parents, so I waited until 1 in the morning, and printed out 300 full color pages of porn! No hacking required, since he connected to my network and gave me(and "everyone") permission to use his shared printer. Needless to say, I never saw him on my network again! Anyways, if the punk ever takes you to court, you could always say that you prefer an active security instead of a passive security. I'm sure a lawyer could muster up a good defense playing along the lines of "the best defense is a good offense."
  22. I may be wrong, but I believe the wifi chipset in the Z2 is unable to do packet injection. As for pentesting on the go, a DS could work, probably an android tablet or phone. Archos has android wifi devices under $100. Also, I read an article a little while back that someone ported a working version of FireSheep to the Palm Pre. Granted, those devices may be out of your $50 price range, but it could give you pentesting "on the go". For specifics on compatibility, check out the forums at backtrack-linux.org, but make sure you do alot of searching through their forums (and the rules) before you post a question. They like to keep it professional over there.
  23. very true. now to assemble a cluster of 50 PS3's!
  24. even though this is kind of pointless for a visa gift card, but there is an awesome website called Plastic Jungle that you can sell any gift card you have(for up to 92% list price) and buy other people's gift cards for up to 30% off!(usually between 5-15%). If you wanted, go buy a $50 gift card for $40 something, and then you have $50 plus whatever is left over on the visa gift card! http://plasticjungle.com
  25. this has fun and hackable written all over it
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