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  1. freeway

    add sound

    How can I add the sound ? I can capture the video but that's it. It's Oh So Quiet
  2. GREAT your good No sure what u mean by console? why and what 4 console do u need? it looks like now u should test now if a victums computer can connect to your pineapple do they get an ip and do they show up in the jasager list, get a laptop search the wifi and connect to "pineapple" If that works u should a make wired a connection , network cable, between your fon and your laptop Then you shoul get the fon use your laptops internet connection. ( the gateway ) I agree with you that there are a lot of confusing posts whitch gets u nowere, they can be are out of date, find
  3. Thanks Mr-Protocol I thought the fon should give an IP address to all the victums who are connecting to the jasager, Is that not so? I thought the laptop should only act as a gateway only to the internet, via f.i. a mobile cart connection. So the fon/jasager makes the connection, assigns an IP with a gateway from my laptop, right?
  4. Sorry I can' t help but consider buying a pineapple, Its pre installed , no worries, and they are on sale now, no shipping costs. $109.99 with FREE shipping world-wide. Status: In Stock. Shipments delayed until June 23.
  5. When I connect to the fon by wifi, I get no IP, When I connect the fon to my router and then I connect to my fon via wifi then I get an IP Here's my config/dhcp file the DHCP program is running here are my proceses and my ifconfig Please have a look Thanks 290 root 1960 S logger -s -p 6 -t 291 root 1960 S init 300 root 1972 S /sbin/syslogd -C16 -S 302 root 1952 S /sbin/klogd 311 root 1972 S syslogd -C16 313 root 1952 S klogd 325 root 1136 S /sbin/hotplug2 --override --persistent --max-childre
  6. Hi there But I have another now so laeve this post as it is.
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