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  1. 1. Create popular IPTV show 2. ??? 3. Profit! If you don't get the joke you need to read more slashdot +5 funnies.
  2. I'm sure the questions from episode 9 will be answered. Ep9 did a lot in ways of Dave's character development and the overall plot. This ep seemed more focused on Jeremy and Tagi, which is good because we we're left in the cold on that one since ep7 (I think that's the one where he's recovering from WoW overdose in the hospital). Pure Pwnage == Best show on teh interweb!!1 PS: Am I the only one that like, after watching pure pwnage, like, talks a little canadian, and like, wants go to pwn noobs? i mean, it's not like they're gonna pwn themselves ya know?
  3. Well would you look at that. "In the climax of the movie one of the characters displays a sign saying "trust your techno lust"; this line has become the closing phrase to the hacker show Hak.5." lol. it's spreading.
  4. I did it once or twice on the old boards, then quickly gave up. Maybe we could all pitch in some money and buy spek a wired keyboard.
  5. How do you misspell the word "spell" in the same sentence that you correctly spell "spell"?
  6. I checked the ban list and I don't see you. I'll talk to TomB.
  7. The sketches page has been updated to include "Borked Bits" aka GeekyBar, aka the TikiBarTV parody. If you don't get it you might need to first watch "Red Oktober", episode 9 of TikiBar TV ( http://www.tikibartv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=9 ) I also found this image while posting it. If there is interest I can post the full rez version. --Darren
  8. guys, seriously, post count doesn't mean squat.
  9. Email the admins with details of how you were able to get admin access so that they can close the hole. It's the ethical hacker thing to do.
  10. undecided. it depends on what happens with filefarmer and our forums database.
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