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  1. Hi DaberMania and everyone, Regarding SdFat library, is there a code that I can use to delete a file? The most recent SdFat library that I downloaded had the option of deleting a directory if only that it is empty. The old code: if ((!file.remove())) error("remove error"); didn't seem to work. I hope to hear from you guys soon! Thanks!
  2. Aww, that's too bad, I was really hoping that Teensy could do that without the user's help. Is it just the low level programming or how its made does not give it the ability to do that ? Sincerely, Bits1
  3. Hey littleguy1, What you had the teensy do was to type out each Drive name consecutively and once it found it, it remained in the same drive. I can suggest that you could redirect the command line back to drive C: each time you try to 'cd' to the new drive. If you do that, it will allow the script to run once when Teensy finds the correct drive. Hope it helps. Keep up the effort. :) Sincerely, Bits1
  4. Hello Everyone, From looking at everyone's posts, I noticed that the solution for Teensy to "recognize" which operating system it's in, is with the help of the dip switches. Teensy is programmed to rely on the user's dip switch combination to execute certain commands. I looked into the Arduino.app that has Teensyduino installed, in one of the pins_teensy.c file, it had if statements like: #if defined(__AVR_ATmega32U4__) ... #if defined(__AVR_AT90USB646__) || defined(__AVR_AT90USB1286__) ... From my understanding, these conditional statements are to identify which version of T
  5. How do I see the Serial print output on the terminal instead of the Serial Port? Since the Teensy is in Keyboard and Sd Card mode, the serial device tty.usbmodem12341 or something like that does not show up...:( Bits1
  6. Hi Paul, This is uses the Mac Keyboard shortcuts to open the Spotlight, open up the textedit program, write Hello World! every 1 second while moving the mouse to a spontaneous place on the screen. Bits1 void setup(){ delay(2000); //opens spotlight Keyboard.set_modifier(MODIFIERKEY_GUI); Keyboard.send_now(); Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_SPACE); Keyboard.send_now(); //release keys Keyboard.set_modifier(0); Keyboard.set_key1(0); Keyboard.send_now(); delay(200); //open textedit application Keyboard.print("Textedit"); Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_ENTER); Keyboard.send_now();
  7. Hi guys, Here is my S3I library for Mac OS users. I have added some cool features (mischeviousMouse, inverting colors, keyboard shortcuts...etc) that you can have Teensy do! I hope that you guys can add more features to this library so everyone can use it too. Please tell me what you think. To use this library on your Arduino IDE, here's how: #include <S3I.h> S3I utility(11); The 11 is the LED pin number for Teensy 2.0 void setup(){ utility.openTerminal(); } void loop(){ do something } http://code.google.com/p/teensyprojects/downloads/list Sincerely, Bits
  8. Hi Paul, I wrote you a message about the problem I have, can you please take a look at it? Thank you. Bits1
  9. Take a look at how you can write executable scripts. You can store those scripts to your sd card and have teensy execute them via command line! Once you have access to command line, you can do almost anything to that computer. :) Are you using a Mac OS or windows? Bits1
  10. Thank you so much, you are AWESOME! Bits1
  11. Thank you for answering my question. I looked at the pjrc.com site and it stated "A 3.3 volt regulator and buffer chip allows using Micro SD cards with 5 volt systems. " I assume that the buffer chip is already SOLDERED on the SD card adapter? If it is true, then I suppose that will be alright? >.< Bits1
  12. Hi everyone, I have a question about the Teensy and the SDcard. Back in June, I have soldered the SDcard Adapter onto the Teensy WITHOUT the 3.3V regulator and it worked fine but then I found on the pjrc.com site that a 3.3v regulator can be used on the Teensy with the SDcard adapter to "protect the SDcard." My question is is the 3.3V regulator NECESSARY? In the long run, will the 5V damage the SDcard and the Teensy? Right now, the teensy has the SD card adapter and works fine so far. Thanks. Bits1
  13. Your code looks pretty good. I recommend that you create a library with the most commonly used commands so that you don't have to type the same thing over again. Have you looked at Irongeek's PHUKD library? It could save you some time and memory so that you can have Teensy do lots of other things. http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=securit...y_PHUKD_library It would be cool if you could also disable the firewall settings, or run some scripts that you have written for the Teensy. :) Good job on what you have so far! Bits1
  14. Whoops. Sorry, you are right. Thank you. Bits1
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