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  1. would any of the above power systems, like the Astro3, be able to power a laptop size hdd pls ? ... I was thinking of using something of that sort with a beaglebone + 2.5" hdd, but want to get as much info as possible before purchasing. Thanks in advance, Entity
  2. A note about the MBP battery life. I own a mid 2011 one and after a 256gb ssd and 8gb ram update the battery life while browsing the web / using word, is about 5-6 hrs ... when you start using it , i'd have programs like firefox (12-ish tabs), eclipse maybe photoshop i'd say realistically you're looking at 2:30-3:30 hours of working time on the OSX side of things. Not sure about bootcamp but usually it's less. On the other hand processing power and size-wise I love the MBP ... jst wish there was more program support for something like ASP.net :-P.
  3. Anyone know if such a card would : a ) work with a rasp pi and b ) work as suggested in the above post Regards, Entity
  4. entity

    Rasp Pi

    Indeed raspberry pi is a cool machine but have you also looked at the beaglebone ? Since the rasp pi are a bit scarce atm if you don't want to wait for the delivery i suggest having a look at the latter device. Regards, Entity
  5. Jason Cooper JavaScript can also be run on server side with Google's V8 engine no ? ... the same thing node.js runs on
  6. I see ... I wonder if something like that could be achieved through the samsung usb service port my tv has, this will require some research >.< thanks for the idea though ! Regards, Entity Update: the 40" Tvs have the rs232 port ! :) the 24" doesn't though hehe
  7. Damn that AMX stuff looks interesting ... and also expensive :-P ! Lets say you had to design an extremely cheap home automation system. How would you go about lets say controlling a TV (sound etc) would IR still be out of the question ? Regards, Entity
  8. I too have/had the same preferences as yourself ... BUT ... it takes a lot of effort to make something with direct copper robust enough to ensure it has maximum up time. For example it will take some time (and money) to modify a power cord lets say, so that every plug: a) uses a relay instead of a switch and b ) provides feedback mechanisms, that verify, that what you command the system to do, is indeed obeyed so that if you want to switch some appliance on when you're not at home you wown't be working blindly, saying ... "ok i turned on the washing machine lets hope it worked." Also a lot more effort would be needed to, for example, design a hardware module to be able to control a microwave directly through a custom built interface, wiring relays (or something of that sort) to each button available. In the project I did I too hard wired everything but a bulb is something very simple to control, where as an appliance like the previously mentioned microwave would be a bit nightmarish to wire (as i myself an no engineer). On another note think the IR Blaster idea is extremely cool, having 1 module to control all you ir remote based devices. Any thoughts on how you intend to implement that and what language/s you might use ? I myself usually control the arduino through Java and the RxTx library, though as soon as some free time crops up I intend to try and migrate everything to C.
  9. Hey Mr-Protocol, I've actually done a similar project, control an extractor fan and some lights, through an arduino and a web-based front end using asp.net ... it turned out quite cool ,though after finishing it I found out ALOT of ways of how it could have been improved(as with any project once its finished :-P ). Also you don't necessarily need to hook up everything through wires, there are several cheap wireless modules one can use with the arduino platform have a look at ebay :-) . The arduino could be interesting to use with regards to the garage relay and maybe the ir controller, but i would have a look at the x10 home automation stuff as they are also pretty cheap to buy and through use of some small device (like the raspberry pi) you could skip the need of a micro controller altogether. As far as I know you could send commands to separate modules over Ethernet(using the home powerline) etc. Regards, Entity
  10. Dear Forum, Does anyone know of a good site which streams TV channels like Discovery, BBC and what not (the channels one can get through a set top box)? Thanks in advance, Entity
  11. entity

    Hdd Enclosure

    Thing is I have to be on the go for some time and I wish to carry my downloads with me (have approx 1.5TB atm) now I didn't want to get one of these external hdds which have a built in hdd so to say, want to be able to change/switch hdds at will which is why i opted for just an enclosure. Now this hdd will be primarily connected to my MBP 2011 so there's no usb 3 hehe. Also don't fancy ThermalTake BlackX style drive docks need somthing a bit more rugged :) Thanks for the replies, Entity
  12. entity

    Hdd Enclosure

    Hello Forum, I'm looking for a nice 3.5" HDD enclosure that will hold a 2TB drive anyone got any suggestions, my friends have icy box branded ones but they said that they had some failures from the enclosure side of things. Thanks in advance, Entity
  13. Observer Pattern that's what I'm using atm :) Thanks for the feedback :) Entity
  14. Thanks for the replies will give it a shot with events then and see how it goes :) and yes Sparda same code for both ends really saves time :-) Entity
  15. Hello Forum, So I've been doing a project lately where I have the business end of things in a module and the GUI of this particular software in another module (2 separate files in the same project), I was wondering what the best way to interface the two modules is, are custom event firing/handling the way to go or does anyone have any other (more efficient) way of doing the latter mention. The person wanting the software needed it to work in both an offline mode (local) and also in the form of a web-based front-end solution, which is why I needed to loosely couple the previously mentioned two modules. Thanks in advance, Entity
  16. Hey CrYpTiC, I've recently installed the 4.1 infrastructure and am currently installing view 4.6 to test it :) will try to find a guide to the ThinApp part to give that a shot too :) for now the whole ESX environment is proving to be quite stable and fast especially over the gig ethernet will post some links as to what tutorials I found useful if I manage to get the ThinApp up and running :) Regards, Entity
  17. Thanks again for the help Infiltrator those articles were quite interesting :) but i have found a sort of work-around for the time being, since this app does need to install as such I will push the files to a specific location on the given computers and then push a shortcut to the desktop :) Entity
  18. Thanks for the info guys :) ,the part on how to distribute the *.msi package I know how to tackle, but thanks still for the articles Infiltrator they are very good reference material. Might anyone know how to package a java app into a .msi package though for distribution ? Thanks again, Entity
  19. I was wondering if there was a way to push a compiled java app (for desktops) over Active Directory 2008 using GPOs to mass install software, is there a way to package the app into a .msi file ? or is there no need to do such a thing ? Thanks in advance, Entity
  20. Hey forum, A friend of mine jst linked me an epic clip with regards to the above topic and I found it so amusing I thought I'd share it >.< watch this It's about .net and java hehe . Entity
  21. Dear Forum, Finally found what i needed is a video demonstrating what i needed to do (person in video isn't me) and here one can get the necessary library if anyone ever needs itRegards, Entity
  22. Dear Forum, I have a situation where I'm working on a particular software written in java which needs to accept input from a computer gamepad connected via USB (such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for the PC). Might anyone suggest a library i can use to do such a thing pls ? I've read about JSR-80 API(windows) and jUSB(linux) but the general comment of people is that they aren't so good. Thanks in advance, Entity was continuing my research and stumbled upon - Java RxTx - anyone know if that could do the trick please ?
  23. Depends on where you live xantos_gambit, in my case the Asus will be much cheaper then the m11x :( ... unfortunately Entity
  24. I've personally got my eyes set on Asus 1215N
  25. I think this is the episode you're refering to digip :) - Entity
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