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  1. I'll tell you another one. I am a network admin at a public school and often I get machines from teachers that have taken them to Geek Squad. I have to fix what geek squad broke and what the person originally took it to them to fix in the first place, not for free of course but I don't rip them off either. I've never been impressed with Big Box store tech people nor their warranties. I've been burned too many times and that is why I started to learn how to fix things for my self. Ebay is your friend.
  2. For anyone still reading this thread I recommend Avalon (Same director as GiTS). I really enjoyed this movie. Also Gunhed or Ganheddo on IMDB, its not a hacking movie but I liked it. Gunhed however seems to be one of those movies either like it or hate it. Johnny Mnemonic: Fun, Cyberpunk, Kinda Gritty. Their are a couple more that for the life of me I can not think of.
  3. Just thought I'd put mine in as well Intel SE7520AF2 mobo 8GB Ram Dual Xeon 3.4GHz Nacona Intel SC5300 Case 3Ware 9550SX-16ML 6x 1TB Western Digital (WD1002FBYS) in Raid 5 ~4.5TB Running Server 2k3 Enterprise x32 with Vmware server 2.0.2 I know, I know, not the most efficient way to run VMs, but this server also is main storage for well.... everything come to think about it. FYI. To anyone running vmware server on a x32 windows box you will only be able allocate about 1.2GB ram max per VM, any more and you will get an enormous amount of disk swapping. Unless you use the /3GB start-up switch, but that opens up another can of worms.
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