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  1. http://pastebin.ca/1878247 Not sure why it is so long, I was trying different methods to see if it would download, but I bet it's fairly easy to separate the crucial info from the chaff.
  2. I'm completely ignorant on a lot of this stuff but I have a lot of admiration for this project and I thought I'd try to help. That said please bear with me as I'm not knowledgeable about Python at all. For the New version I simply downloaded it and the previous sharky.exe. I then moved the files from "Sharky Version 6.4.2010.1.7z" into the older ~10MB folder and overwrote the files. I think this is how you would update but I'm not positive at all. Anyway: These were my experiences: -I would search for a song and get a list of results -I couldn't download the songs however -When I selected one song to play it did indeed play correctly (black mplayer window in the background and a "player" window saying "loading audio" with a bar indicating progress. -When I selected two songs to play it only played one and then stopped. Just a quick suggestion: I'm not sure if it is possible but ideally the player window would be able to be moved behind sharky itself so in the future we could be playing something and continue adding things to the queue. If I can help in any other way by testing builds or whatever please tell me! I'd love to help. Thanks for your work.
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