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  1. Very interesting, and very cool little device. That may be just what I was looking for. Thank You for the input.
  2. Thanks for the ideas, I had already been all over google (dont know why people post stuff they found on a 2 second google search), was looking for new ideas which I found some in a great UK book, 50 auto projects for the evil genius and building your own car pc written by the same author. Its a great book series, search for evil genius books and you'll find the wiki for the complete series. Alot of great ideas in these books. Not promoting but it is worth a look.
  3. Well I already know my way around my ECU in my car and there are cables already out there for OBDII to USB, http://forums.openecu.org/ is good place to look if your looking to play with your car computer and monitor sensors. There are other sites but I like this one.
  4. Hey Peeples, I have seen a few prefab PC's for your automobile and I was interested in throwing my own together from spare parts I have here and there, problem I ran into was the power supply. I really don't want to use an inverter, they are so inefficient and impractical. This would make a great project on the show, I would like to hear what options people come up with for the power issue in the vehicle. I have also seen an Eee PC hooked up to a motorcycle online. This would be great not only for pulling media from your home network to your car before you head out for a trip, but also could be used to monitor sensors from the vehicle. Also being able to use the vehicle as your wireless antenna would allow you to pick up a AP from pretty far away, like across the street in a parking lot! Let me know what you think or if it would be more practical to get these prefab car PC's. Thanks, Love this Show!!
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