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  1. Hi, A couple of usability tweaks: Doesn't mess up caps/num/scroll state after use. After printing the login goes to sleep. Double tap scroll lock to wake up. When sleeping double tap num lock to print your selected favourite/default login. Cleaned up the code, so it doesn't require you to mess with usb_api.xxx files. Also, if your code uses lots of status led input you might want to take a look at LedInput.h (bonus: it has key double tap support - high tech shit :o ) Argh... couldn't upload the sources or zip here so uploaded it to google docs: keychain.zip
  2. Hi, First post, first teensy program so don't judge. Finally got around to implementing an idea I had for some time - a HID password manager. No buttons, no screen, no soldering required. Plug it in and use your normal keyboard to control it. Not very useful for the offensive aspect of things, but not getting pwned is important, right? It uses keyboard status leds for input: you press caps/scroll/num lock, the led turns on and teensy can act on that. The way you would use it is: Edit your login info in the source code Compile and upload it to teensy (duh) When you need to login, sele
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