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  1. because htmlunit does everything i need (calling the .js, etc.) and htmlunit needs them i tried to do it with webkit and gecko, but both require a recompile for windows and linux, and thats not what i wanted so im using htmlunit which needs all these dependencies when i have time i will clean them because most parts are not neccessary if you dont care about getting banned, you only need httpclient (create the gui with swing, and use the string functions for the json stuff and send this to the server)
  2. i faced the same problem my client does now everything that firefox also does, even fetch the damn google ads via JS (and all pngs) - and it works now im sure thats something with their ban policy as it looks like many people are trying to write their own client (ok, i have done this too :) ) €dit: btw. is it allowed to post my own client here? it can download songs, so im not sure if this is legal?? €dit#2: here it is
  3. its the guts.php which they propably use for ban
  4. i dont know their internal "ban policy" but what sounds logic is that they only block the official site (grooveshark.com api, not tinysong) i dont know how they can see what application uses their site but if you get banned you cannot access grooveshark.com (you can but you cannot use the search), no matter if its then the real IE, FF etc. i get banned when i send my json using the new api (getSearchResultsEx etc.) and not the old one, so maybe its better to use the old one until someone knows what reasons must be given for a ban you said you use your own client - does it use the new api or the old one of nettech?
  5. now i know what you mean edit: yes they are blocking now, switched my vpn and it works again
  6. give some more informations eg. post the json you sent
  7. @Zimmer is there any reason why you use the "old" methods and not those the browser uses when visiting grooveshark?
  8. just get this url from a friend (simfy.de) uses rtmpe for communcation with the stream servers, quality is good, and has a lot of german songs which i'm missing in grooveshark did someone investigate in this how to use rtmpe?
  9. the solution is that what you see is ok ^^ ignore the w00t, the result is correct, with that you can continue creating the token (take a look at nettech wiki)
  10. @zimmer you did not implement some methods (eg. logoutUser, mark*, ...) - do you think they check for those to get some informations who is using his own client?
  11. im now listening to the music with my own little app (and dont need that damn flash).. but im a little bit afraid... does anyone here have had problems because of their TOS?
  12. im having the same problem as mrs_sheep im using htmlunit for the communication, but when i send my json request, like: {"method":"getCommunicationToken","header":{"session":"6ee9e3d3a6a885306c59d22736a7c406","clientRevision":"20100412.02","client":"gslite","uuid":"72CE6638-6F0F-4A0F-B9AF-36B63299022F"},"parameters":{"secretKey":"531619cee4e544839638fef531ae3f36"}} i just get {"header":{"session":"8e28ca85830e02580f1ca231daded8f0","alerts":[{"AlertID":"2","Text":"woot","Type":"1","Target":"1","TSExpires":null},{"AlertID":"3","Text":"woot","Type":"1","Target":"1","TSExpires":null}]},"result":"4bfbabf92eff1"} does anyone have an idea what this could be or how to fix it? i even sniffed the json string from firefox and used it in my IDE while debugging (of course firefox was open at this time and not 10 seconds past until i send the IDE request), to see if this may helps, but it doesnt so i think there's something else going on edit: ignore the different session, my error - they are now equal (request+response), but still the same error edit #2: @Zimmer could you help me a little bit? i just downloaded your tool and i see that there's something going on in the log with that json result. Or could you offer me the current source? :) my mistake... didnt notice that sha thing...
  13. could you contact me? im also working with java and having the same problem as you do (did?)

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